Lost Track of Event Dates? I Think Someone Has Found Them

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It’s a natural human characteristic to forget occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and more, but such small mistakes can cause a lot of damage and can hurt a lot of emotions out there, but thanks to services like Facebook events its become a lot easier to remember such things. But still, there is the need for a service made for this purpose, as most of the time I cannot have Facebook to remember anniversaries for me, moreover, the only thing I can do after remembering the event is to post on their walls wishing them.

After many breakups, fights and days of sadness god as finally listened to our prayers, but the wishes were granted by a consumer internet technology firm, 123Greetings, I really hope you’ve heard of this service as its one of the most visited web sites in the world, though it has had very little mainstream coverage, it’s used by millions of daily surfers around the world.

This company was established way back in 1997, but the only that matters to us is how do they find our lost events, the sentence is just figurative, and their service helps you remember dates with the help of reminders and importable contacts. Well isn’t that the same thing which most social networks do?? Not really because they also have many other things such as the ability to share your activities with friends, track and edit and events, birthdays etc, and the main purpose of this is the easy way to send e-cards for almost any purpose, that’s actually the main advantage they have over Facebook and other networks.

It firstly allows you to import contacts and details of all your friends from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Windows Mail and Rediff, after this, it’ll have a record of your friend’s info which would mostly include email id and birthday if you’ve provided it and effortlessly you’ll be informed about upcoming birthdays and other events. After building up your address book, try to add upcoming events in the event section by choosing in the list which contains all of the major events, then you’ll start getting reminders and on that day you’ll be able to send e-cards to either one friend or to amass number if its a big occasion.

123Greetings for any occasion

It also allows you to see the activities of your friends on the site if you add them to your address book, this helps know about the latest events planned by your friends and how they are planning to go about it. I couldn’t get the chance to test it out as I’m still new to this service and have no friends until now, but I’ll surely update after I test it out.

Organize your calendar with fun, never forget your friend’s birthdays any more

A simple overview of what you can do with 123greetings connect.

  1. Get birthday reminders in advance;
  2. Get reminded of upcoming events and holidays;
  3. Import, store and access an unlimited number of contacts inside address book allowing you to send ecards at the click of a button;
  4. Get connected with your friends and family and share activity feeds with them;
  5. Track/ edit/ delete ecards you have sent in the last 30 days;
  6. Keep track of ecards you have received in the last 30 days.

Last but the best of all is its ability to send, track and edit e-cards from your 123Greetings dashboard, this is surely one thing which matters most to their service, and today they have a wide collection of e-cards matching each and every service. So what are you waiting for? Click here to signup for free.

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