List of PDF Search engines or free eBook websites

    A while ago I was searching for the manual of my new LG Cookie Pep Mobile. I didn’t get the manual from LG junk website, so I tried Gooogling and found a list of answers where I came through websites which have millions of PDf files around the world! I have listed two of the most usefull and clean websites among them. Theses websites have millions of PDF files to search on.


    i found my

    • Pdf Database

    The first one I would recommend is the
    As on 11-04-2010 this website have 16893903 files in their database!! That’s a lot of files.
    You can also submit your PDF links to this website here

    Then is also a good option. However, this website doesn’t have any link to contact the admin or about page or nothing, I just saw a “Abuse” page, thats all.

    This site is based on Pdf ebook files and search is lot more faster and I found better relevent results.
    • – This site lots of categories and advance search options for diff categories.
    • – This is a dedicated PDF sub division of Rapid4me search engine
    • – This is just a blog, but have lots of usefull eBook PDf files for you!
    • – This site is under beta label and it is dedicated to PDF manual search engine.
    • – Apart from PDF this website also have lots of other useful resources.
    I’m still searching for more websites, if you could contribute by commenting, I would be glad to update this post to help others with this info.
    List of PDF Search engines or free eBook websites 1
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