List of 20 Best RARBG Mirror and Proxy Sites for 2020


Every movie aficionado is aware of RARBG. Founded back in 2008, RARBG is the first and foremost choice for anyone who wants a high-speed download of high-resolution video content.

What iS RARBG?

RARBG tenders to your need for torrents files for TV shows, e-books, movies, music, software, and video games for free. Moreover, these torrents are available without those annoying and encroaching advertisements, and are neatly held on the website for anyone to download. It features the top 10 lists to help the users in finding the mainstream TV series and movies. Also, there is a dedicated page for each download which explains everything from the size of the particular file to the date it was uploaded.

Even though the website is more than a decade old, it still has the most massive collection of torrents. This is the reason why Best RARBG became a lot more prevalent than any of its competitors. As per the stats, the website has almost 300 thousand active users per day and over a billion visitors a month. The tremendous number of traffic itself speaks of the site’s immense repute.

When you create an account on these Best RARBG website, you can see that there are several threads which are created to discuss the torrent files. These threads are created as soon as there is a new release of series, movies, or music. So, as active users are commenting on a thread, you can find out if that particular torrent file is authentic or fake. This is a feature which is not available on other torrents websites. You can say that what makes the website stand at the no#1 position is its active social community and returning visitors.

However, with the prodigiously growing popularity, came in the challenges as well. The high amount of torrents being offered in HD quality on this website had caused some major concern for the creators of the original content. And, when they protested, RARBG got blocked in fourteen countries including United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, India, Denmark, Pakistan, UAE, Finland, Belgium, Morocco, Australia, Portugal, and more. The decision to block the website in these courtiers was taken to protect the copyright rules and regulations. 

You should know that Best RARBG doesn’t host any copyrighted content; it only sets out magnetic links to torrent files which have been formerly shared on other networks.

In order to prevent the Best RARBG website from going down wholly and find a way out to allow the users easy access to their favourite website, developers came up with multiple mirror websites. If RARBG is blocked in your country, then you can use these mirror websites or proxies to download content.

In this post, we will mention all of the active mirror sites for Best RARBG.

What is a Mirror website?

Before we dive in to the best Mirror sites; you may need a little facts about what exactly a mirror website is. To sum it up, a mirror website is an imitation of a particular website. The purpose of creating a mirror website is to provide more than one source (parent website) for the same data.

A mirror website is created by copying every configuration settings, files, and data of one website to another. It is so precise, that the duplicate websites almost look identical to the original one.  This way even if users do not have access to the original website, they can visit a different site and download the same content. In order to remain anonymous, developers use proxy servers so that they can hide from the governments tracking mechanism. It acts as a mediator which sends transmission between receiver and sender. These proxy servers are constantly changed by torrent companies to maintain anonymity. 

Using a mirror may sound like a favorable option; however, it does come with one major drawback. As such websites have more than one copy; they do not appear in the search engines easily. We have gathered a list of 20 best RARBG mirror sites that are active now.

The 20 best Mirror Sites and Proxies for RARBG

Sl.No.Website SpeedStatus
1.rarbg.unblocked.pubVery FastActive
2.rarbgaccess.orgVery FastActive
3.https://rarbgprx.orgVery FastActive
4. FastActive
5. FastActive
6. FastActive
7.rarbg4-to.unblocked.lolVery FastActive
8.https://rarbgunblock.comVery FastActive
10.https://rarbg.unblockall.orgVery FastActive
11.http://rarbgs.comVery FastActive
13. FastActive
14. FastActive
15. RARBG ProxyFastActive
16.rarbg-to.pbproxy.redVery FastActive
17. FastActive
18. RARGB ProxyNormalActive
19. RARBG ProxyFast Active
20. RARBG ProxyFast Active
PIC: Best RARBGs list

That is it! These were the 20 best RARBG mirror and proxy sites available with easy access.

What to do if the Mirror Websites or Proxies are not working?

Even though, all the mirror websites listed in this post will most certainly work perfectly. But, if you face any issues while accessing them, then the most common reason for the same might be ISP restriction which means that you wouldn’t be able to visit the website from you Internet Service Provider as it will deny access to the website. 

To resolve this issue, you use a VPN (Virtual Private Networks) software which will basically allow you to access the Internet anonymously. A VPN will protect your online traffic by encrypting it so that outsiders wouldn’t be able to read it. The software will make it seem like you have been connected to a different IP address and provide a different location too. You can find many VPN services in the market right now, but the free ones come with a lot of limitations. Tunnel Bear and IPVansih are two of the best working VPN tools ideal for Best RARBG.

**Important Note

This post is for information purposes only. We do not encourage the use of torrent websites to download any content which is copyright protected. People who download such torrents are liable for any fine or punishment by the law. Proceed at your own risk.