iOS 12 Beta Preview- What’s In It For You?

The fall of this year marks the release of the much awaited iOS 12. However, the good news is that apple users and enthusiasts can get their hands on the publicly available beta version of the upcoming iOS 12. You can use the update on your phone just to get yourself familiar with the changes, bug fixes and other new functions. A lot of users and reviewers suggest trying out the new beta version on a spare device instead of trying it on your current mail device. Let’s take you through a small tour of this apple update considering some valid opinions and  also the reviews from its users.

The free public update that is available for users is a significant step as it gives only more room for improving the final product before its launch. Also to be noted that the final model of iOS 12 will be undoubtedly better than the preview. The preview update does have some glitches and crashes that have not gone hiding from the preview users over the internet.

What’s the catch?

Revamped Notification Alert System:

All iOS users have had a specific complain from Apple home screen notifications. It keeps us busy and engaged in the phone. Not anymore, thankfully. The new update holds a major key to this issue. Grouping the notifications from individual apps altogether is the solution that can be experienced in the upcoming version of iOS. Various notifications from the same app are arranged over one another like a cash stack. Your home screen then neatly displays a couple of other stacks that notify thread/news from other apps. Seems like Apple is finally being open to Android’s much loved user-friendly functions. A left swipe on the notification can give you the choice to manage it for future uses. You even have the choice to direct them straight to the notification center. Through this you can segregate the notices appearing on the screen.

Strengthened Privacy:

Let us admit this that security and privacy is a concern for everybody nowadays and it should be! The devices that you surround yourself with throughout your day have now become a part of your life. The new iOS comes with a bunch of purposeful refinement when it comes to your privacy and individual preferences. The new and updated DND helps you mute system notifications, stay silent for alerts and regulate these conditions for an hour, hours or for as long as you are in the same location. Assume you are at your house trying to sleep, these features can come in handy piling up your notices for you to see them in the morning. The best thing about this tightened privacy is that Safari protects your identity from being exposed. Most of the websites over the internet manage to trace identity of the device. Apple’s new feature “defense against fingerprinting” molds up your device against being identified by websites and advertisement technologies. Some other new changes regarding your phone access could just make things easier for you. You have the setting’s option to disconnect your USB connection once your phone has stayed locked for over an hour. You can also alter the phone’s access by creating an alternative face ID.

Assess Your “Phone-Time”:

Are you an active procrastinator like myself? We often get caught up in our phones checking multiple videos, chats and images. Screen Time helps you monitor the time you spend on your phone throughout your day. Screen Time cleverly supervises the time you spend on your phone, the apps that you visit throughout the phone usage and all such relevant activities. It also helps you blocking particular content you do not wish to view or get viewed by your children. Simultaneously with the “App Limits” feature you can decide the amount of time that is allotted for a particular app’s usage. These small changes altogether make a huge difference from a perspective of an active apple user. It helps you upgrade your lifestyle by enabling your phone take some things in-charge.

Siri Is Better Than Before:

With new AIs being introduced to the public by Google, Amazon and their many other competitors it was time for Siri to step up the game. Many of the users would not find Siri’s suggestions resourceful. Siri now suggests you to use different apps, functions or maybe even strike a chat with your contacts.

OS Smoother Than Before:

The prime attraction of iOS12 Is that it promises you a faster performance not just for your new gadgets but also considering your older devices that are fit for iOS12 update integration. Senior VP at Apple commented on how the apps and keyboards will work faster alongside a better operating camera. Luckily for most of the Apple users out there, this new OS preview is good to go with something as antique as 5s. Maybe with the iPhone X you may not necessarily see a faster performance speed change with this update. However, for the older iPhone users the speed may be thoroughly evident.

Facetime will surprise you!:

Memoji and Animoji are made just to enhance your Facetime experience forever. The “Memoji” feature is a creation of an emoji like character that duplicates you in real life. Comes with a huge colour selection, facial features such as eyes, nose and lips just to make the most relatable character. Besides this there are tons of other surprises in the box. Your group calls can be bigger than before. Facetime permits you to add around 30+ people to your group call. This group call is valid for both voice or video calls. Better part about video calls is that you can use your memojis and animojis while you’re on the call.

Improved Apps:

So you already know the love Apple has already given to some of the newly launched features and apps such as Facetime and Screentime. Many other apps have undergone some serious changes. The Voice memos app appears to be more organised now. Apple News now comes with a browsing tab to help you find new things. The Apple stocks app has been refurbished and is now available on an IPad too. Apple has taken quite a few inspirations from Android and Google, for instance the new photos app that can judge faces in the pictures and suggest you to share images with some relevant people in the image.

Many users have huge expectations from the upcoming big thing iOS 12 and we can’t wait for the launch! If you have tried the update preview do share your opinion with us. What were the new changes to impress you? How was the device speed from what you have experienced earlier? Is it worth a try? Do share your feedback on this article and the iOS 12 preview.

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