How Artificial Intelligence Affects Online Businesses

Artificial Intelligence was once something dreamed up by sci-fi film directors in Hollywood but in the last couple of decades we have seen this technology transform so many aspects of our lives and that is something which is going to continue into the future. For online businesses in particular we are already seen a great shift towards AI and these are just some of the impacts which we are currently seeing in the world of online business. 

How Artificial Intelligence Affects Online Businesses 1

Data Management 

Data collection is something which we have become very good at in recent years but there was always a challenge when it came to managing that data and looking after it. This is where we have seen the likes of CRMs such as Salesforce rise to prominence, who use smart AI to help their users manage their data. We are seeing many non-profits in particular using the MoveData NPSP Salesforce package, which helps them to gain better control over their fundraising data. 

Marketing and Targeting 

Have you ever browsed something on Amazon, let’s say a new speaker, and then you keep seeing speakers on ads when you browse other websites? This is AI doing the work for companies which help them to target customers based on the things that they are already interested in. This smart use of the technology ensures that businesses can be efficient in the way in which they market to people, and of course it is far more likely to yield success. 

Inventory Management 

Sales based ordering systems have been the best option which we have had in recent years to track inventory and ordering, but the reality is that they rely heavily on human interaction and that is where it is often flawed. Online businesses however can now move away from having to count products every cycle to ensure that the system is working correctly, because artificial intelligence is able to perform that job with ease, and most importantly with accuracy. 

Content Sharing 

Social media is a great tool which businesses are able to use for free to increase the awareness around their brand. One great thing to do is to re-share content which has been created when it is once again topical, but that is quite the job for a human to take on, having to recognize what is trending and then attempt to find old content which can be re-shared at the tight time. AI systems however can be set up to recognize trending topics and swiftly find the content and re-share it in order for the business to ensure that they are part of the conversation. 

We are also seeing artificial intelligence play a heavy role in the logistics and shipping systems, processes such as retargeting of customers and faster sales actions are also big steps which online businesses are taking thanks to AI. This technology is very impressive and we expect to see it changing the face of business for many more years to come. 

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