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The cloud-based workforce management software industry has certainly blossomed over the last decade as more companies realize that tracking employee shifts via spreadsheets is just doesn’t cut it in today’s distributed work atmosphere.   Humanity is a very ambitious, web-based workforce management software that looks to provide a more comprehensive solution to workforce management.

Not only does it enable managers to schedule shifts and keep track of attendance, Humanity can do a lot more. Of course, it’s completely web-based and requires no installation.Let’s take a look at what Humanity offers to companies and how it differs from similar software solutions.

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Set up your team easily

Humanity has a lot going for it. One of the best things about the software is that it is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Even if this is your first time working with such an application, it only takes minutes to setup and to familiarize yourself with the tool. The control center of the application is the Humanity Dashboard. This is where you can view all of the essential functions of the app. It’s fully customizable and acts as a control and notification center where you can keep track of all of your important business metrics.

Establish your company structure

The Company module of Humanity is where you can manage your staff. You can set up a company hierarchy according to positions and departments. If you have distributed offices around the globe, you can also organize your team according to location.

Setting up your team is incredibly easy. You can do it manually, or you can import Excel spreadsheets or CSV files to put everyone into the system in seconds. You can also organize your view of the Company module according to your preferences. There are multiple views available that allow you to see your team in graphic form, through lists, or a variety of other ways.

Schedule present company events

If you would like to have a clear and easy overview of company events, meetings, and other functions, the Humanity Calendar is the perfect solution. It’s a beautifully designed calendar with a fantastic interface. When scheduling and announcing events you can also decided whether you want to share them company-side or with a selected group of team members.

If you already have these types of company functions saved in a spreadsheet, you can import that information into the Calendar easily. And if you want to take it with you at all times, the Humanity Calendar is also easily integrated with third party calendar apps like Google Calendar, iCal and others.

Plan work schedules for your team effectively

Of course, Humanity is also a state-of-the-art scheduling software. It makes the scheduling process incredibly easy, saving you a lot of time and effort. If you have repeating schedules on a weekly or monthly basis, you can set up auto-scheduling options to automatically repeat your team’s shifts and then simply make minimal changes to shifts when required.

The software is also incredibly “smart” and uncovers scheduling errors for you. If you have mistakenly overbooked a shift or create a shift conflict, Humanity recognizes such efforts and notifies you immediately so that you can fix them.

It also sends out notifications via email and SMS whenever you make a scheduling update, so that all of your staff members are made aware of changes that affect them.

Humanity also enables employees to request time off and shift trades on their own, which lessens your workload in the process. You will be notified of all such requests immediately, leaving you only to accept or reject them.

Keep track of your team

If you have teams that are spread out in different offices, Humanity can help you to keep track of their attendance and work habits. The Time Clock feature enables team members to clock in and out of their shifts. This way you’ll always know who is working and whether or not they are showing up and leaving on time.

You can easily set attendance and clock rules to help improve clock behavior company wide. There are also great features available for keeping your team honest. One is the FacePunch feature, which employs facial recognition technology for clocking in and out of shifts. This will forever relieve you of worrying about buddy punching activities.

To make sure that your team members who need to be working from a specific location are doing so, you can also set up terminals from which they are allowed to sign in and out.

And if you have remote workers, they are able to use Time Clock via the Humanity mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Managers can also use GPS technology to confirm the locations of their remote workers.

Make scheduling vacations simple

Humanity’s Leave module makes organizing time off for employees incredibly easy. If you want to make the process even easier, set vacation rules of your own that employees must abide by, and let the entire leave management process run on autopilot.

Team members can also use the Leave function to request time off themselves. Once you accept the request, it is automatically pencilled into your company scheduling calendar.

Humanity is constantly evolving

One of the most exciting things about Humanity is that it is not done growing. It is a constantly evolving platform with plans for new features to help you better manage your workforce always on the horizon.

To check it out for free, head over Humanity’s website and try it out for free for 30 days. Their customer service team is incredibly responsive and will help you setup your trial account instantly. - Workforce Management Software for the Future 1
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