Find Top Free Windows Apps From Intel AppUp

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    Find Top Free Windows Apps From Intel AppUp 3
    Hi, this is +Shrinivas, from Belgaum. I'm a part of the Techgyo community.

    We get trendy apps for Android, iPhone and even Windows Phone as well but what about PC and laptops? We get App Stores for Android, iPhone, Window Phone and even for MAC then why not for your own laptop? Yeah.. Don’t worry, you can also get free apps for your PCs and laptops with Intel AppUp. Intel AppUp is a one-stop shop app to get any kind of app, from games to business app you get everything over here. Not only you can download free apps but also purchase the paid apps if you find them interesting.

    AppUp is a free software developed by Intel that let you search and download the apps that we usually see in Android and iPhone operating system. Installing AppUp in your netbook hardly takes few minutes, it could be installed on Windows XP and Windows 7. Here you can search for the app from various categories including books, business, education, entertainment, finance, games, health, lifestyle, music, maps and navigation, photos, productivity, shopping, social networking, travel and weather etc.

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    Possibilities of Intel AppUp

    intel appup

    Intel AppUp is a free platform to serve useful apps that are commonly used in devices such as mobiles and tablets. Here you can play games as well as do your works with productivity apps. In free games section you will get Fruit Ninja, Glow, LEGO star wars, Chicken invaders, Bubble ball, Motocross king and Helicopter fighter etc., in free apps segment you can have Tango video calls, Evernote, Photobucket, McAfee antivirus plus etc.

    You will get detailed information including the app size, date released, version and developer when you on a particular click the app to install it.

    How to install Intel AppUp?

    installing Intel AppUp is easy, just download your copy of Intel AppUp, it is hardly 40 MB in size. Once downloading gets over, install the software and run it, You can either create your own Intel AppUp account or sign in with your existing facebook account to get started. You must sign in to download any app from Intel AppUp center.

    You need to have an internet connection with decent speed, java run time environment and enough space to download and install the apps that you wish to have.

    Make Money with Intel AppUp Developers Program

    Intel AppUp developers program allows you to create your own apps for netbooks, PC and ultrabook which are served by Intel AppUp software. You can create your own apps in the programming language you prefer including C++,.NET, Java and Adobe AIR. Along with this Intel has also developed a encapsulator that embeds HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX code into one single application and also creates installer package.



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