How to Optimize PC without using any Third Party Software?

There are many paid and free PC optimizers available in the web but it is not mandatory software, why should go for this as you can yourself optimize your PC without using any third party software. Before optimizing our PC let’s first list out the tasks what a PC optimizer does, normally a PC optimizer-

  • Deletes temporary files stored in TEMP folder
  • Removes unwanted startup entries
  • Clean ups unused or broken desktop shortcuts
  • Improves the performance and speed to optimize PC

Ok.. Now how to do these tasks yourself? Here is a step by step guide on how to optimize PC by accomplishing the tasks mentioned above.

Here are some tips to Optimize PC

Deletes Temporary Files Stored in TEMP Folder

Deleting temporary files (temp files) frees up the hard disk and improves the overall performance of your PC, here is how to delete temporary files from your system.

  1. Go to My Computer, right click on C:/ drive
  2. Click on “Properties”, under “General” tab click on “Disk cleanup”
  3. Windows searches Temp files, temporary internet files, offline webpages and error reporting files.
  4. It allows you to select the files from the categories mentioned in point 3 including Recycle Bin
  5. Select the categories which you want to delete and click on “OK” button, it asks for confirmation, again click on “Delete Files”. That’s it.. Temporary files get deleted along with selected categories.
    remove temp files

Removes unwanted startup entries [Windows 7]

Removing unwanted startup helps to optimize PC faster and also decreases loading time. This is a must follow task to optimize PC. Here is how to delete unwanted software that launch at startup.

  1. Click on start >> control panel
  2. Click on “Find and Fix Problem” then “Check for performance issues” under “System and Security”
  3. It analyzes your system and a list of software will be displayed
  4. Click the check box of respective software that you don’t want to run at startup
  5. Click on “Next”, the apps you selected will be removed from startup
    remove unwanted startup items

Clean up unused or broken desktop shortcuts

You can clean unused or broken desktop shortcuts by using System Maintenance Tasks which could be found under “System and Security” in control panel. To launch System Maintenance Tasks

  1. Click on start >> control panel
  2. Click on “System Maintenance Tasks” under “System and Security”
  3. Click on “Next” button, it searches for unused or broken desktop shortcuts, broken startup entries, repairs bad sectors and misplaced clusters, corrects system time etc.
  4. Click on “Next”, it will remove and repair all the error and problems mentioned above.
    remove broken shortcuts

Improve the performance and speed of your PC

Disk defragmentation and Error checking helps to improve the overall performance and as well as optimize PC, to open Disk defragmentation-

  1. Click on start >> All programs >> Accessories >> Disk defragmenter
  2. Choose C:/ drive and click on defragment disk
  3. It takes some according to your drive size, files of C:/ drive will be defragmented
    error check

To open Error checking, to check the errors of C: drive

  1. Go to My Computer, right click on C:/ drive
  2. Click on “Properties”, under “Tools” tab click on “Check now”
  3. Now check “Automatically fix file system errors” check box
  4. It asks whether you want to check the error at the next boot, click on “Schedule Disk Check” button and restart your PC.
    how to defrag
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