iMac Life Expectancy: Signs That it is Time to Switch

Apple products are known to have a very long lifespan with the iMac being operational for up to eight years with some decent treatment. However, apart from hardware durability, there are a few other factors worth taking into account when deciding whether it is finally time to depart with your beloved Mac. 

iMac Life Expectancy: Signs That it is Time to Switch 1

We have investigated the subject to give you the latest updates about the iMac and its approximate life expectancy.

Hardware Endurance

If you got your hands on the iMac, then chances are you will use it for hardware-intensive tasks such as video editing or graphics designing, then chances are that older versions of the mac may not be able to keep up as these processes get more demanding as time goes by. Furthermore, You may also encounter the problem of insufficient storage space which will slow your Mac.

You can tackle this by installing more hard drive space or by getting an external hard disk to store your files in. As for performance, upgrades for iMac RAM can be a plausible fix, but since your macOS may be outdated, you won’t be getting optimum performance. However, don’t be concerned. You may contact reputable service facilities for iMac RAM upgrades via phone, email, or chat, and they typically issue guarantees for their work. These professionals may be able to solve your hardware problems if you explain your concerns to them.

Developer Updates

Apple is known for getting rid of updates consistently on their macOS. If your Mac is a model that falls under the vintage or obsolete category, then chances are, it won’t be able to run the new versions of the macOS, or receive the update at all.

Although this doesn’t stop your iMac from functioning as it is, with the company constantly improving its OS system, it is recommended to switch to a newer model to enjoy the full benefits of the highly praised macOS. You should also consider getting a  MacBook Air this time around, as it comes with just as many benefits as the iMac with portability added to the list!

Applications Not Supporting Older Models

Assuming that you use your Mac mainly for work-related activities such as editing and designing, as updates are not limited to the OS, new versions of applications that you were able to run previously, may no longer be compatible. For example, Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 no longer supports versions older than the MacOS X 10.9.

Even if you do not put your Mac through intensive work hours, utilizing every bit of its power, the mac is still going to have problems like freezing up and stuttering as the device gradually gets older. Hence, even if the applications you utilize do still work, the iMac won’t be as fluent at running them as it once was.

Physical Damage and The Passage of Time

When running the same product for several years, there are going to be times when you end up damaging it even if it’s just a little scratch. Dust and other malicious particles may get into the system which can cause quite a bit of damage. Furthermore, a lack of proper ventilation will cause your hardware to overheat, harming the device to an extensive level. You might also encounter viruses and malware as well which will severely affect your device.

Additionally, as time passes, no matter how hard you try to take care of your computer, it is bound to degrade. With less developer support and environmental conditions worsening by the day; at one point you will have no choice but to get yourself a new device.

Can You Extend the Lifespan?

To give you a simple answer, yes you can. With Apple making it easy for you to contact them and buy products online from almost anywhere, repairs and upgrades are always available to you. That being said, no amount of repairs will revert your computer to its prime glory, so saving up to replace the device is your best option. Here are some steps you can take to extend your iMacs lifespan:

Invest in Anti-Virus

As mentioned before, your device is not completely secure from malware threats even with the base virus protection installed. To avoid such risks, investing some cash to get virus protection software in advance is a good decision. Taking precautions will help to keep your device malware-free and extend its lifespan with optimum use.

Get More Ram and Storage Space

If your device has started to get congested with a lot of files, then expanding your storage is a great way to tackle the problem. This is quite easy to do, as storage extension can be done online as well as offline with subscriptions such as Google Drive which is available to everyone. You can also get more hard disks either be in-store or online.

Another issue we talked about earlier is your device slowing down due to high processing. This can easily be dealt with as Ram is widely available in the technology market.

Repairing Damaged Parts

If you messed up your computer by mistake, the best way to revert your errors (maybe not 100% always) is to contact Apple support and send your device to their warehouse. The company will do its best to bring your device back to its former glory. There are other third-party repair firms available to solve your issues.

In Conclusion

When it comes to any sort of technological device, the only thing you cannot fight against is the passage of time. As time progresses there are bound to be newer models surfacing on the market, making your device of less importance to companies. 

Hence, even with your utmost effort, fighting against time is simply not possible and going with its flow is perhaps, the best option for you. We hope this article has proven useful in deciding on whether it’s time for you to get yourself a brand-new iMac with all its geeky upgrades and finally retire your older device. 

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