Hydrogen Fuel Cars Are Getting One Step Closer To Reality

A group of scientists have invented a device that would efficiently and economically create as well as store the solar energy to power all electronic devices. It will also be able to run eco-friendly cars with the help of hydrogen fuel. With this step, we are definitely getting one step closer to seeing hydrogen-fueled cars turn into a reality.

Richard Kaner, a professor at University of California, Los Angeles, US, said, “Hydrogen fuel is a great fuel for vehicles. It is the cleanest fuel known, its cheap and it puts no pollutants into the air — just water.” This move would dramatically lower the costs and positively bring the technology to the forefront. It could especially be useful to serve in remote locations as well as rural areas.

The device will be able to produce hydrogen fuel in the most environmental-friendly manner. In the current scenario, the production method involves a high quantity of Carbon dioxide to be released into the air. 95% of the worldwide creation comes from the conversion of fossil fuels. However, the newer approach that would apply the use of renewable sources and the abundantly available elements, will emit no pollutants in the surroundings. And gradually it will even replace the present method. Richard Kaner also said, “If you could convert electricity to hydrogen (fuel), you could store it indefinitely.” This thought is what gave rise to the invention of such a device that will be able to create both electricity along with fuel. It will also be a greater solution for big cities to store their surplus electricity available from the electrical grids.

The process somewhat goes in this way: Traditional hydrogen cell and supercapacitor generation involve the use of two electrodes – One positive and the other negative. However, the newly invented device would comprise of a third electrode. This will help in storing energy like a supercapacitor. And it will also act like a device that splits water into oxygen and hydrogen. The device will be powered by a single solar cell. Plus the harvested energy will be stored electrochemically (in supercapacitor) or chemically (hydrogen). Wonderful job!

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