How To Write Funny By Mixing Humour in Your Writing

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    How To Write Funny By Mixing Humour in Your Writing 3
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    write funny
    PIC: To Write funny

    If you find out from a comedian how much work it takes to come up with amazing jokes, you’ll realize that writing funny is not easy. Human beings are very good at laughing at random jokes that they did not see coming. However, if they’re aware that you’re indeed trying to be funny, they become sceptical.

    To write funny is to succeed in breaking down that sceptical wall and get your reading audience to laugh. According to nursing assignment help experts, when you are writing in a positive way people can feel better and avoid negative emotions. But the thing you need to understand is that people don’t have to burst out in laughter for you to know you’re funny. 

    There are different kinds of funny and there are hilarious jokes you genuinely smile at because you relate to them.

    Whether you’re preparing jokes for a comic audience or working on an assignment, you need to take it seriously. Just because you’re writing funny does not mean you should take the assignment lightly. 

    Making people laugh takes a lot of effort on your part because they have to relate to your jokes. Even if they don’t, it shouldn’t feel like an inside joke they’ve been left out of. 

    Here’s how you write funny: 

    Know your Audience 

    To write funny the first thing you need to do before beginning this assignment is researching your audience. If your reading audience is school going kids, you cannot write about the working environment. 

    You need demographic appropriate references that your audience can relate to. Make sure you can put yourself in their shoes as you work on your assignment. 

    Be Original 

    There is such a thing as a stale joke. You too get bored when you hear a joke too many times from a comedian. When you’re writing funny, make sure that your individual personality shines through the write-up. 

    Of course, you can recycle a few jokes, but make sure you repackaged it in an interesting manner. If you use the same format people have seen in other write ups, you’ll lose your reading audience.  

    Be Authentic 

    People connect with comedians because they have come to expect a certain style from them. Not to say that you should use jokes you’ve written before. Be authentic in how you articulate your thoughts even if you’re getting inspiration from another comedian’s work. 

    Believe in Yourself 

    You need to believe that you are funny before your ink touches the paper. If you’re writing with self-doubt, it will be reflected throughout your write up. Make sure you tell jokes that even you can laugh at. 

    Your entire write up should ooze confidence. This way, your reading audience will forget about being skeptical and revel in your intelligence.

    Educate yourself 

    To Write funny is no monkey business. For you to land perfect punchlines, you need to know how to go about it. 

    When you’re telling a joke, you need to save the punchline for last. Let the entire joke be a build up to your punchline. 

    Seek help 

    If you feel stuck, feel free to ask for help. Telling jokes is not easy especially when you don’t have a funny bone. You can ask for help from friends you consider funny. This way you can deliver on the assignment. 

    Let a Friend go through it 

    You should let a different set of eyes go through your write you. This way, they can help you find errors that you could not see. 


    To Write funny jokes is not easy but I’m sure you can hack it. Just make sure you research about your reading audience so you tell demographic appropriate jokes. If you’re recycling any jokes, make sure you repackage them and give them a new twist.


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