How to Safely Recover Files from Toshiba Hard Drive: Important Tips to Protect Toshiba HDD

Toshiba hard disk drives are suitable to store a huge amount of precious data. These drives are available with different capacities, such as 500GB, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB, 3TB, etc. You can choose one HDD as per your needs. Toshiba HDD can’t only hold a huge amount of data, but it can improve the speed of your laptop. These hard drives can save you from unexpected disasters. Recovery Toshiba utility is available to retrieve deleted files or lost data. Make sure to use your hard disk drive properly to avoid damages. Here are some important things that can help you to avoid potential data disasters.

How to Safely Recover Files from Toshiba Hard Drive: Important Tips to Protect Toshiba HDD 1

Don’t Turn Off Your PC While Writing Important Files to HDD

If you switch off your laptop or PC suddenly while writing files to your HDD, it can damage your disk drive. This act will create bad sectors on hard drive or even increase the probability of data loss. It is essential to turn off your PC during data writing. In case of an accidental data loss, you can get the advantage of a reliable software like western digital hard drive recovery.

Pay Attention to Cleaning of Computer

Keep your laptop and computer clean because dust can affect the performance of Toshiba HDD. Use your laptop in a dust-free environment. Clean your desktop or notebook regularly. Dust buildup in your computer would weaken its cooling efficacy and affects the durability of computer’s components.

Avoid Physical Damages

You have to protect your computer or laptop from physical damages, such as fire damage or water damage. These things can hurt the hard disk drive of your computer. Make sure to avoid physical impairments by choosing a secure place for your laptop.

Regularly Defragment Files on Hard Disk Drive

Just like other devices, Toshiba HDD, laptops and desktops need regular maintenance. It is essential to perform defragmentation on the hard drive regularly with a built-in defragment tool. With this simple procedure, you can increase the life of your hard disk drive.

Protect Computer from Trojan and Virus

Trojan or virus can corrupt your data on Toshiba hard disk drives. You are responsible for installing anti-virus software on your desktop or laptop for protection of important files. Malicious actives and attacks of Trojans are harmful to the health of HDD. For the security of your data, don’t visit unknown sites and avoid emails from strangers to protect your system from infected files and unknown viruses.

External Hard Drives of Toshiba

External hard drives of Toshiba are portable devices for data backup and storage. These drives are user-friendly to connect to your desktops and laptops through USB ports. These plug and play devices are compatible with all systems. Toshiba drives are available in different capacities from 160GG to 3TB and even more. Carefully use an external storage drive to avoid data loss or corruption. Here are some guidelines to prevent data loss from an external storage device:

  • You can’t remove an external hard drive during data transfer or writing. Instant removal while writing can make your external storage drive corrupted.
  • If you have to unplug your extra storage drive of Toshiba to your PC, make sure to remove it safely.


Toshiba hard disk drive comes with a recovery utility for your convenience. You have to handle it with care to avoid potential damages. Sometimes, it can be difficult for you to access the HDD partition of Toshiba. You may get error messages, such as “HDD is not formatted, are you interested in formatting it” or similar lines. You may get a message to format your hard disk drive to continue using. After receiving these messages, use recovery Toshiba to get your files back instead of formatting your HDD.

How to Safely Recover Files from Toshiba Hard Drive: Important Tips to Protect Toshiba HDD 3
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