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How To Run Windows Applications Directly From USB Flash Drive

How To Run Windows Applications Directly From USB Flash Drive 1
Usb Pen Drive

You must have always wondered how would it have been to run, all your frequently used applications directly from your flash drive or your pendrive. Yes, it is is great pleasure to run all the needed application from your own flash drive as you do not need to carry even your own laptop in that case. All you need is just to access any PC somewhere, and insert the flash drive in the USB, and its all your computer. You don’t feel any difference. Now, a days you can find almost all sort of portable application ranging from your favorite web browser to Office to anti virus. Today we are going to present you two different websites which provides such applications for free.

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The first website is

portable apps

This website boasts of many frequently used application in various categories and it is all free for download. Once you download the application you will be getting onscreen help on how to install the application from your flash drive and run it. This site also provides support for all their portable applications. They have a very happening forum in which you can get answers for your questions. We will provide the detailed list of application this site hosts below:

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You will get the following applications under the following categories:




Portable Games Software:

Portable Graphics & Pictures Apps:


Music & Video:




The Second Website is

This website is really wonderful and host hundreds of portable applications, all of which cannot be enlisted here. The stock of website is divided into main category of applications and then the sub category so it is very easy to navigate and find similar application of different flavor. I will give a overview of screen shot of this wonderful website.

Pendrive Applications

In this website the applications are listed in the below following categories:



Using a portable application from your own flash drive is more safe if taken care of since you do not miss any of the vital information from your part if taken care off, than just merely using a other persons desktop or a cyber cafe. You have almost all of the applications in both of the websites, to fulfill your general computational need.

In my next article I will be writing about how to install an operating system directly into a pen drive and use it from it. So you can carry just the whole of your system with you in your pocket.

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