How To: Locate your Stolen Mobile Using F-Secure Anti-Theft Software

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How To: Locate your Stolen Mobile Using F-Secure Anti-Theft Software 1Well, you might think you are smart enough to not loose your precious mobile phone. But, are you really that smart? (That’s the kind of question that I’ve been dodging for a while). Anyway, everyone on this planet, rich or poor, male or female will have a bad-mobile-day. Yeah sounds stupid. But what will you do if you loose your handset? May be that’s a good reason to buy the latest model of some blackberry look-alike(or, are you going to cry?). Now let’s cut the crap and see what this wonderful mobile application F-Secure Anti-Theft can do.

Why use F-Secure anti-theft?

If you lose your mobile phone, You can Remotely lock it or even wipe out all the data from your phone. What’s more, it is a free software which anyone can use. So at least you can prevent any illegal transactions through your phone or disable the phone. You can also locate your phone remotely and get info about the one who stole it.

How does it work?


You can lock your phone quickly with a single text message. The phone remains locked until you reset it.


You can locate your phone simply by using the map. Again, all you have to do is, send a text message to see the location on the map.


If you are sure that you are not getting your phone back, erase all the data in your phone by, wait for it, sending a text message.

Theft Control

All this is good, but this is even better. If the thief tries to replace your SIM with another one, the phone will be locked automatically and you will receive the SIM number.

Supported Platforms

  • Symbian
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
Link: Download 

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