How To Fix Laptop Speakers Crackling Sound

“PC/Laptop Speakers Crackling sound, Skipping, Popping”, and some different issues can be record of randomness of different ground. It might show up because of wrong Audio settings, bad drivers which is installed, hardware intrusive. This could be settled by surface update of outdated drivers, by changing the settings of audio device as this is the regular issue found in Laptops. Ensure that your hardware isn’t forsaken as this could a reason of popping sound.

 Below are the various methods followed to correct the crackling sound:
Crackling Sound speakers crackling
speakers crackling

Method 1.

#Audio Enhancements Settings to Resolve Windows 10 

In few instances, you can change the setting of Audio Enhancement settings to disable to overcome the skipping, crackling, popping or issue in Windows 10. Simply follow the below steps steps:

Step 1. Enter Sound in the start button of Windows 10 select the Sound item from the results listed 

Step 2. Underneath the Playback tab, to modify the audio enhancements right-click on the audio device and later select Properties

It would be ideal if you Note: The default audio device is speaker or headphones.

Step 3. To show all the available audio enhancements change to the Enhancements tab 

Step 4. Click the “Disable all enhancements” check box in the list

Step 5. Select OK and Apply.

How To Fix Laptop Speakers Crackling Sound 1
speakers crackling

 Method 2:

#Update Audio Driver

After trying the above method and still if nothing works, then go for updating the driver.

Suppose you have not updated driver software to solve the problem.  No stress by any means. You can do it on the web and get free of audio popping Windows 10 issues. There are many utility tools accessible you can select Driver Easy or Driver Talent.

Unquestionably, this is a viable resolution and it works fine in the greater part of the cases. 

When you go with the procedure, it filters your framework inside a couple of moments and requests establishment of the most appropriate rendition for you. 

This is the perfect method to get away from laptop speakers crackling problems. Follow the steps below

Step 1. Navigate to device manager and search “Sound, video and game controllers section”.

Step 2. Select Update driver by right-clicking on the driver.

Step 3. Select anyone- “driver automatically” or “choose the file from your computer”.

How To Fix Laptop Speakers Crackling Sound 2
speakers crackling

Method 3:

#Change Sound Format 

Step 1. Right-click on ‘Sound Icon’ situated at the base right corner of the primary screen 

Step 2. Click on ‘Properties’ tab and choose “Speakers” option.  Select ‘Advanced’ tab from the “Speakers Properties”,

Presently, pick the example rate and bit profundity to be utilized. 

In this instance, it is fixed to default 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality). It is suggested to fix it to this default mode “CD Quality” and select ‘Test’ to assure that it is good to tune in.

You can also make any other choice from the list.

How To Fix Laptop Speakers Crackling Sound 3
speakers crackling

Step 3. Click “OK”. 

Method 4:

#Run the Audio Troubleshooter

Step 1. Search for “Troubleshooting” in Settings from the search bar.

Step 2. At that point you should discover “Playing Audio” below the “Get up and running” section and select “Run the troubleshooter”. 

Windows will attempt to discover and fix sound issues, so this strategy may fix your popping sound issue.

How To Fix Laptop Speakers Crackling Sound 4

Note: Suppose nothing helps you to resolve the issue, we urge utilizing “Reimage Repair Tool” which will helps to filter the archives to supplant degenerate and lost records. This works much of the time, where the issue is started because of a framework debasement. Reimage will likewise streamline your framework for most extreme execution.


Hope this article is helpful in resolving all your queries in “How To Fix Laptop Speakers Crackling Sound”. We tried to cover every aspect of it. Do tell us in the comment section if u have any suggestions or any other way to do the same.

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