How to maintain home appliances: tips and tricks

Home appliances are one of the many inventions that make our lives easy and our chores simpler. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as small as a mixer or a toaster and as large as a refrigerator or a washing machine. But there is one thing that all these home appliances require, and that is maintenance. Periodic maintenance goes a long way in making sure that the appliances run in a smooth manner and have a long life. Improper or no maintenance can cause a breakdown of these appliances. 


So, keep this in mind, let’s have a look at some simple tips and tricks that would help us in maintaining our appliances and making them efficient. 

  1. Knowing the capacity of the appliance

When you own a home appliance, it is very important that you know it’s maximum capacity or breaking capacity before using it. This information is generally provided in the manual that comes along with the appliance. Not keeping the maximum capacity in check and overloading it could cause excess stress and lead to a breakdown. Hence it is very important to note the breaking capacity of the appliance.

  1. Proper Cleaning of the appliance

One of the most important points on the list, it is very vital to clean your appliance thoroughly. For example, if you get a refrigerator on rent, it should not be left as it is after being bought just because it is running well. It is important to remove all the ingredients once in a while and clean it thoroughly. The Freezer box should also be dealt the same way. Similarly, when dealing with a grinder, it is important to clean the jar properly once a coarse ingredient has been ground. This would make sure that nothing messes with the blade attachments later on.

  1. Not Rough Handling the appliance

Anything from slamming the refrigerator or washing machine door to not keeping the mixer or grinder gently comes under this subheading. If you continuously mishandle an object it is bound to break at some point, and the same goes with home appliances. One should always deal with them in a gentle manner because they are made up of small bolts and parts that may break or become loose due to a sudden jerk or vibration. 

  1. Regular maintenance checks

 It’s not an irony that you need to have thorough maintenance checks in order to maintain the appliance. For example, if you rent washing machine or air conditioner you need to have regular maintenance checks on it. The reason being most of its components are on the inside of the machine and are better understood by the technician. This is one of the reasons why you get a couple of “free service” coupons with your appliance.

  1. Disconnecting the appliances during a power fluctuation

If there is a power fluctuation, or if your house suddenly faces a high voltage, it is advised to turn off the appliances and remove the input plug from the power supply. Generally, the home appliances are meant to run at a stable power and the sudden surge or fluctuation in power or voltage would cause an imbalance within the motherboard which would further cause a short circuit. This is the reason stabilizers are generally connected with large appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners as they are able to take the fluctuations, and supply a constant voltage to the appliance.


Hence these are some tips and tricks which would not only help in maintaining and running your home appliances properly but will also go a long way in ensuring a longer life to the appliance. We hope this article served its purpose and would help you in maintaining your home appliances. 

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