How to Keep WordPress Blog Away from Attackers

You might have started your blogging journey to be a Great Blogger and may be writing killer articles for your visitors. But what if your Blog gets Hacked, Yes Hacking of WordPress Blogs is common these days. So you should not only post Articles in Blog, but also try to protect it from Hackers.

Its not that you should always blame hackers for Hacking. The Top most Reason behind the Blog being Hacked is that you don’t follow any Security Tips for your Blog. Being a Certified Ethical Hacker, I would Like to share some of the Basic Security Tips.


Some Usefull Tips to Follow to Protect your Blog

1. Install WordPress Security Plugins

Having a Security Plugin is must for every Blog. They don’t only protect your Blog but also alerts you when somebody tries to Break into your Blog or when they record any unusual activity. These Plugins also doesn’t affects the Loading Time.

I would Personally prefer you to Install WebsiteDefender Plugin for WordPress. This Plugin is fully Capable of protecting your Blog from any Kind of Hacks. Visit Website Defender Official Website to know more about this Plugin. So Install the Security Plugins and keep hackers away.

2. Never Disclose your Password

This is the very common mistake that most of the Bloggers do. They usually tries to share there passwords with there Friends, Relatives or even Blogging Friends. Never disclose your passwords to anybody because you dont know, even your Friends can Hack it for some Fun or Revenge. These Passwords are also easily gets hack by Social Engineering Attack. So always tries to remain active in Social Media and never disclose your password to anybody.

3. Set Strong Password

Try to set strong Password for your Blog. If you don’t have a strong password, then you are indirectly inviting hackers to come and break into your Blog. Always set strong password with more than 9 characters and combination of special symbols like #, $, %, :, @, etc. This will keep your password safe and it will also not be hacked by Bruteforce Attack. So it’s always advised to set stronger passwords.

4. Hide & Update to Latest WordPress Version

Its most important for every Blog Owner to Hide there WordPress Version. As This allows the Hackers to easily hack into your Blog, by just applying known Version Exploits on your WordPress Blog.

For Example- If Hackers gets to Know your WordPress Version, say 3.1.2, then he can easily search exploits for this Version No. and can break into your Blog.

The Plugin I mentioned in the 1st Point easily hide your WordPress Version. Updating to Latest WordPress version always keeps your blog protected. Whenever there is any WordPress Update, it will show at the top of the Dashboard. So update your WordPress blog ASAP and don’t forget to Backup before Updating.

5. Remove Contact Form Plugins

This may sound odd to you, but let me make your attention to this critical vulnerability which is the most common method adopted by Hackers. Want to know How? Then Read Further.

The Hacker(Anonymous Visitor) when contact you through your Contact Form, then they secretly injects some codes in the form which remains hidden and can only be found after scanning the Message.This will then allow any Hacker to easily Compromise your Blog. These Hackers act as your Daily Blog Readers and provides you feedback through contact forms and you totally remain unknown to these type of Attacks. The Only solution of this is to remove the Contact Form.

I know it’s nearly Impossible to run a Blog without the Contact Form, so I advise you to Frequently Backup your Blog.

6. Never Share your Blog Plugin

Its not new to most of you that WordPress Blogs are easily getting hacked by poorly coded plugins. So its really important for all of us to install tested plugins in our Blogs.

Its seen that most of the Blogs(nearly every blog) share the plugin they use with there Readers. The post with the title “15 Plugins that Power our Blog” or “16 Plugins that we use in our Blog” is commonly seen on most of the Blogs. According to Security Point of view, sharing your Blog’s plugin is not a good practise, As this directly invites the Hacker to Search for the Vulnerabilities mentioned in the plugins you use, which further leads to compromise of the blog.

Are you Following any Security for your Blog?

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