How to Install YouTube TV on FireStick

With the continuous booming of streaming services worldwide, many companies have been trying to up their game to stand out. Just like any other big company, YouTube has also created its own version called YouTube TV, where people can watch live TV and on-demand content on a single device. However, many people are unfamiliar with YouTube TV and FireStick. That said, you might ask…

What is YouTube TV?

Google introduced YouTube TV in 2017 as a subscription-based Live TV streaming service. It offers over 70 channels, including ESPN, FOX, HGTV, ABC, and many more. Even expensive add-ons like Showtime and Starz are available as premium upgrades. If you like to test the waters, there is a 5-day free trial available. As a monthly subscription app, you have the option of continuing the subscription or canceling it. Even freezing it for six months is possible.

What is FireStick?

FireStick or Amazon Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s very own streaming video player that’s significantly similar to Roku Streaming Stick. This entry-level streaming device looks like a USB flash drive that you can directly plug into your TV’s HDMI port. Despite its small size, it is a great streaming player that can transform practically any television into a “smart” TV.

You can stream movies and television shows on popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube with a FireStick. And if you have other Amazon smart devices, such as an Amazon Echo, you may link them to unlock additional functions.  There are three FireStick versions available right now, the most recent being released in 2018. The newest edition of the product features upgraded hardware, 4K HD video, and the famous virtual assistant, Alexa.

In 2018, YouTube TV was withdrawn from the Amazon App Store as Google and Amazon began to have conflicts. Since they’ve finally reached an agreement, YouTube TV is now officially available on Amazon, which makes us all pleased. YouTube TV features over 85 Live TV channels, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB, among others.

In this article, we’ve provided three ways how to install YouTube TV on FireStick for your maximum TV streaming experience. Let’s begin!

Method 1: Installing YouTube TV on FireStick via Amazon Store

Before you begin, we highly recommend using a VPN to have full access to the YouTube TV content.

Step 1: Launch the FireStick Home

Step 2: Type in YouTube TV on the Search bar, and click the first option.

Step 3: Keep swiping until you see the YouTube TV app, then click it once it appears on your screen.

Step 4: Click Download or Get to begin the download process.

Step 5: Once the download is finished, click Open.

YouTube TV has been set up successfully. You may now sign up for a free trial or log in to your current account to watch your preferred TV channels, movies, live sports, and more. Easy, right? But what if this method doesn’t work for you? There’s another way to install YouTube TV on FireStick. Here it is. 

Method 3: Installing YouTube TV on FireStick via Amazon Silk Browser

Have you removed the browser that comes preinstalled on Firestick devices? That was one method for accessing Youtube TV on the Fire TV Stick. Following these simple steps will allow you to reinstall the “Silk Browser” and start watching YouTube TV.

Step 1: Go to FireStick Home Screen and choose the Search button or the lens icon on the top left corner

Step 2: Type and enter Silk Browser

Step 3: Choose the Silk Browser in the results

Step 4: Click the Silk Browser icon

Step 5: Click Download to download and install the app

Step 6: Launch the Silk Browser 

Step 7: Access and enjoy YouTube TV anytime you want

Method 3: Installing YouTube TV on FireStick via APK 

Step 1: Open FireStick Home

Step 2: Click on the Settings icon, and choose My Fire TV.

Step 3: Click the Developer Options

Step 4: Click the Apps from Unknown Sources

Step 5: Choose Turn On

Step 6: Go back to the Home page and click the Find menu

Step 7: Click the Search option and type in Downloader

Step 8: Choose the Downloader from the results and select the Downloader icon

Step 9: Click the Download button and wait for the application to be installed

Step 10: Once the download is finished, click the Open button to launch the app. 

Step 11: Click Allow once the downloader opens.

Step 12: Once the prompt is displayed, click OK

Step 13: By default, the Home tab will have a text box on the right side

Step 14: Enter on the text box and click GO

Step 15: The YouTube APK will begin downloading 

Step 16: Once it finishes downloading, click Install

Step 17: Click Done after the installation finishes

Step 18: Choose Delete when a prompt saying File downloaded successfully to: /sdcard/Downloader/Live YouTube 6.14.18.apk

Step 19: Click Delete again for confirmation

Step 20: Exit the Downloader app and go back to the Fire TV Stick Home page.

Step 21: Choose your Apps and Channels on the second row of the home screen

Step 22: Click See All on the left if there are more than 20 apps. Then, choose the Live YouTube TV app

Step 23: Select your preferred resolution on the screen

Step 24: Click the Allow button once the prompt is displayed

Step 25: Click the Sign-in option to log in to your YouTube TV account

Step 26: Enjoy your YouTube TV Live via Amazon FireStick

Other Streaming Services to Try

If you’re just plain tired of YouTube TV, you can try several apps that are somehow slightly better than this popular app. We recommend trying Netflix on FireStick, HBO Go, Sling TV, and Kodi. Most of these apps are usually available in the United States or offer the majority of the content in this region. 

Bottom Line

Here are three ways to install YouTube TV on FireStick for an ultimate streaming experience with your friends and loved ones. But, if you’re in a foreign country, it’s worth pointing out that YouTube TV is unavailable outside of the US, so even if you have Amazon FireStick, you’ll possibly need to use a third-party app to install YouTube TV.

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