How to get rid of a blackmailer?

Here goes the real story about how I nabbed my friends blackmailer. I am writing this experience of mine which happened to me before few days ago. So that you can use my experience to catch hold of the BAD GUY, if you are in such a situation.

I received a call from one of my very good friend. She was totally frightened when she contacted me .
She informed me that she was getting threatening emails from a email id she doesn’t know of, saying to meet his demands, else he has some confidential data which he will distribute to her family and boyfriend, resulting in a great humiliation and a broken relation.

She received one mail the first day and another on the next day stating the same. Now the emails were send from Web-mail of G-mail.

In the beginning I tried to trace the Ip address from which the mail was sent, but it was in vain as I came to know that G-mail doesn’t discloses its client IP addresses.

So, I had to think of another plan to get the guy.

I told my friend to add the bad guy in G-talk, so that we can keep contact with him in real time when he comes back next time. And we did send a invitation, and to our good luck it was accepted.


Now for the next step, I designed a simple website, which served the purpose as, when anybody visits the site his real Ip address, date and time is logged into a file.

How I created the site?

I just signed up for a FREE web hosting service and uploaded two simple files to log the IP address.

In the first file which was named as index.php I wrote a php code, which extracts the IP address and saves it into a Blank 2nd file log.php.

If you need the code leave a comment with your mail id, I will send it to you.

You can create this file by simply pasting the above code in a notepad and saving it as index.php.
You will also need to make another file as log.php in which the captured information will be saved.( You can understand that, if you know basic php). And uplod both the files to your website.

Now when someone goes to the site, you get the ip address saved in the log.php file which can be opened and checked.

Continuing The story…

Now, the next day the person again came, and I already told my friend to chat with him in G-talk, and while chatting suddenly send the website address, so that he clicks on it out of curiosity.( After all that’s what killed the cat…lol)

The Guy clicked on it and I immediately got the IP address.


After getting the IP address I immediately logged on to and traced the IP from where it was operating.

I could see even the house from where he was operating in Google maps. The authority was informed and the BAD GUY was captured.

If you need any further details or help, please leave your comments below…

* There are limitations to the process.

How to get rid of a blackmailer? 1
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