How to get rid of a blackmailer?

Here goes the real story about how I nabbed my friends blackmailer. I am writing this experience of mine which happened to me before few days ago. So that you can use my experience to catch hold of the BAD GUY, if you are in such a situation.

I received a call from one of my very good friend. She was totally frightened when she contacted me .
She informed me that she was getting threatening emails from a email id she doesn't know of, saying to meet his demands, else he has some confidential data which he will distribute to her family and boyfriend, resulting in a great humiliation and a broken relation.

She received one mail the first day and another on the next day stating the same. Now the emails were send from Web-mail of G-mail.

In the beginning I tried to trace the Ip address from which the mail was sent, but it was in vain as I came to know that G-mail doesn't discloses its client IP addresses.

So, I had to think of another plan to get the guy.

I told my friend to add the bad guy in G-talk, so that we can keep contact with him in real time when he comes back next time. And we did send a invitation, and to our good luck it was accepted.


Now for the next step, I designed a simple website, which served the purpose as, when anybody visits the site his real Ip address, date and time is logged into a file.

How I created the site?

I just signed up for a FREE web hosting service and uploaded two simple files to log the IP address.

In the first file which was named as index.php I wrote a php code, which extracts the IP address and saves it into a Blank 2nd file log.php.

If you need the code leave a comment with your mail id, I will send it to you.

You can create this file by simply pasting the above code in a notepad and saving it as index.php.
You will also need to make another file as log.php in which the captured information will be saved.( You can understand that, if you know basic php). And uplod both the files to your website.

Now when someone goes to the site, you get the ip address saved in the log.php file which can be opened and checked.

Continuing The story...

Now, the next day the person again came, and I already told my friend to chat with him in G-talk, and while chatting suddenly send the website address, so that he clicks on it out of curiosity.( After all that's what killed the

The Guy clicked on it and I immediately got the IP address.


After getting the IP address I immediately logged on to and traced the IP from where it was operating.

I could see even the house from where he was operating in Google maps. The authority was informed and the BAD GUY was captured.

If you need any further details or help, please leave your comments below...

* There are limitations to the process.


    • I'm impressed by ur story my wife is going tru same here ,the guy has been treatning to publish my wife's nude pics when she was dating her exboyfriend this pics was taken over or about ten years ago before we meet and got married .before we got married she told me about it and she was worried I told her not to worry about it. But about last week the guy called my wife on her mobile line than latter sent the nude pics threatened to destroy her marriage and her joy if she does not pay $20,000 dollars to buy back the pics or else he will publish it on the net ,Facebook and all media out fit but told my to tell him to do it because dats her past and more so u dnt bargain wit blackmailer.I need u to help me track this guy down this is the phone he used to call my wife +233232481675 and with email address [email protected] he has given 11days deadline before he carries out he is evil acts.I need your help to bring him down.tanx God bless you. My email address [email protected] pls it's urgent .

      • I suggest that you should immediately call 911, this guy should not just be traced he should also be punished. So you should go ahead and contact police.

  1. Hi I just blackmailed today the same thing with you but trough mobile phone and i called the police and were planning to catch him. But I want to know how can I use mobile tracker so that i will know his location just using his mobile number

  2. Hi Anubhab, I have a similar situation: I don't know what is a G-Talk, all what you create is for my foreing language. First of all it would be great if you can sent your php code so I will start follow your instructions. What are the limitations to your system? Great job in catching this guy!

  3. hi anubhab,
    i desperately need your help
    1 of my friends is facing serious problems from a blackmailer, he is close to her family and got some of her morphed pictures and now he threatens her that if she doest do as he wants her to he will forward the pics to her family members ids. he also calls her endlessly and sends her those pics stating he would create a fake facebook profile in her name and upload those. pls buddy pls help me out pls my id is
    [email protected]

  4. i have a guy blackmailing me over a deed i did while he lived with me for free for about six months , him his wife and 2 children and then friends come visit using

    and abusing all rights or wrongs what ever you wanna call it , i got so broke that i had to steal electricaty to keep my free boarders happy ,after all they said no

    propblem we whil pay halve of every thing untill my money ran out and the fucker tape me with his flippen black berry . to cut a story short i could not afford it

    anymore and ask them to leave , now he sends me pics and so on blackmailing me for money and other , i got this so called friends email and black berry number and his

    wife and son who buy the way send me a death threat saying u old cunt i'm going to kill you or see you in jail . well i need sum help from assholes that say they friends but is only out to rip you of .
    these are the villans:
    [email protected] cell number:0829361972 [email protected] cell number:0749230726 [email protected] cell number:0748474299
    so if anyone can help please let me know ill even send you the pics and emails blackmailing me ill include my email if u dont believe me desperado from SOUTH AFRICA sorry to say im white his indian now his using rasis'm
    sorry the spelling south african trying to survive
    Chris email [email protected]

  5. i have got the similar problem as u have posted. as i live in a country where i cant get a legal help else i will get into the trouble. the guy is blackmailing me from different ids and threatening me. what shud i do plz help me

  6. Anubhab!
    Great job. Could you please send me the code to extract the IP address? This would be useful for me.

  7. Hi Eric, please do not worry, as the IP are assigned on the basis of Geo location. They are not random, even if they are dynamic. You can always log the ip and claim to authority for the tracing the ip details, even the person who was traced by me had an dynamic ip, but I was able to pinpoint him using ip tracer and google maps. I will soon send you the code. I hope it will help you.

  8. Could you give me the code to extract the ip address? I think I have a blackmail situation. Please get back to me ASAP. Thanks a lot

  9. Please I need help. This guy who uses the name john doe is blackmailing me with a video and made me send him more and more stuff. And he told me he had sex with his 10 year old niece. Idk how to find him please help ;(

  10. thanks! :)

    lets write them until they admit it, or stop doing it! i am writing them now!


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