How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode

    YouTube is one of the most famous video hosting services in the world. Since its inception, YouTube has taken the world by storm and have become the world-leading service. It said to have 1,300,000,000 users every day and the average mobile user of this site is 1,000,000,000 and the total average visitors are over 30 million. The average time spent by a person on YouTube is around 40 minutes, this is also not a small-time period. 

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 1

    YouTube is usually accessed by a computer, Tablets and Phones etc. and many research has proven that excessive use of these devices can lead to a strain on the eyes as well as can lead to a headache and in worse conditions can damage your eyesight. Most of these problems occur due to blue light emitted by the display of the device. Nowadays many display has a blue light shield but this technology is not available on all devices.

    YouTube’s default interface is white, which not only puts pressure on the eyes but also drains the battery quickly. To counter this issue new generation phones have AMOLED display which can save batteries using a black background and dark themes. YouTube has recognised this issue and come up with a dark mode.

    Let’s understand how you can enable this option on your device. 

    1. Enabling YouTube dark mode on Windows/mac –

    There are different ways we can enable the dark mode in your window/mac operated systems. I will show you the simplest way to do it. 

    • In this method first you have to open YouTube on your device. 

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 2

    • After this click on the button (named with initial of your email ID or the image you kept) on top of the right hand side, beside the bell icon of the site. 

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 3

    • It will pop-up the list and in that list there will be a button named ‘Dark theme’. 

    • In default setting it will be written ‘Dark theme: off’

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 4

    • After this a new small window will open with small information regarding dark mode and a button to enable the mode.

    • Enable this button

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 5

    • Once you hit the button, YouTube will be shifted to dark mode. 

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 6

    Now as you can see the dark mode has been enabled, but we not only use the PC and laptops. We also use smartphones. It is the most common gadget. We often use smartphones more than our laptops and studies have found that many people use their smartphones at night time which puts extra pressure on their eyes. Thus we also have to make changes in the YouTube app on the smartphone.

    2.     Enabling YouTube dark mode on Android and iPhone –

    Smartphones are very common nowadays. The smartphone is one of the devices that we use the most in human history. Use of the smartphone has increased in the past few years. Most of these devices have come-up with the YouTube app pre-installed and default app interface is white in colour. Thus we have to change it to a dark theme to put less strain on our eyes. The steps involved in it are quite different but still very simple and anyone can do it. 

    • To start this process, first we have opened the YouTube app on our smartphones. 

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 7

    • After opening click on the top right hand side of the app where your initial or photo have been situated. I have highlighted that particular area. 

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 8

    • Once you tap on that icon one sub menu will pop-up with different options, after that you have to click on the settings option. 

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 9

    • After you click on the settings button it will open a new page with the different kinds of settings regarding your app.  In it you have to click on the very first setting from above will be named ‘General’. You have to click on that General option.

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 10

    • After you select the General Button list of options will be opened on your screen. In these options very second option from above will be the option to enable the dark mode in your app. 

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 11

    • One you click this button your app will be transformed into a dark app and all white background will be converted into black background.  Infact all the app will be transformed into dark mode. 

    How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode 12

    • That’s how you can transform your normal YouTube app into dark mode.

    Nowadays using dark mode have become trending, many developers have adopted making their apps in dark mode, in fact, Android, as well as ios, have also integrated dark mode on to their regular application. This not only saves battery but also puts less strain on the eyes.

    As the use of these devices rises in past years and the negative impact has also risen with it but as more and more people are getting aware of it more concrete steps are being taken by the developers.