Here Are 5 Creative YouTube Video Ideas That Minimal Skills to Create

You do not need to be a filmmaker to make quality YouTube content. Video consumption does not solely depend on its production value. Bill Gates once said, “Content is king,” and this philosophy drives the fan-base on a YouTube channel.


Online tools like an intro maker for YouTube or an online editor have made it very easy to create content. You do not need to hone high-level skills to be part of the YouTube community. All you need is an original concept and the motivation to be consistent.

Here are five ideas that you can shoot at a minimal budget and elementary film-making skills. You can choose to chase one of these concepts or use them as inspiration to create your own.  

1. Vlogs

Vlogs are some of the easiest and more fun to create. They are mainly of two types. One is a video showing the detailed coverage of a day or an event. Some vloggers also pick a niche — like lifestyle vlogging or travel vlogging. This form of video does not need complex writing and in-depth knowledge of videography. You can also try How To Write Funny By Mixing Humour in Your Writing.

The second type of vlogs is a fixed camera setup, with the creator talking into the lens. You can choose to share an opinion, share information, read a poem, or a well-scripted monologue. This form of video is very content-driven and rarely dependent on video shooting skills.

Vlogs are fast becoming very popular on the internet. As a creator, you must keep check facts, write your scripts as crisp as possible, and shoot it presentably. If you are short on a budget, use your phone camera and natural light from a window to shoot these at almost no cost.

Take the time to view a few vlogs online. These will help you find your unique voice and learn the small nuances of the art. However, do not copy or replicate a vlog; this will earn you a bad reputation online.

2. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are those that aim to educate, enlighten, or inspire. If you seek an interest in any field or call yourself a subject-nerd about anything — this is your time to use your existing knowledge to make videos.

Explainer videos are also statistically proven to generate better traction online. Most people surf the web for two things — information or entertainment. This kind of video satisfies both needs. Using images, talking into a camera, or just a voice-over, one can achieve a great quality video.

Simple visual tools like a video collage or a montage of stoke footage will also do the job. Ensure that you stick to a niche and make as much content on the same domain to attract a vase user base.

3. Reaction Videos

If you have ever gathered with friends and had a ball making fun of pre-existing videos, then this is right up your ally. A common phenomenon on YouTube that involves recording your reaction to other videos. A camera and an editing tool are all you need to make an impeccable product.

These videos are fun to consume and take minimal effort to make. You must, however, possess witty or insightful thoughts on the go. When done right, these videos can gain a large-scale viewership.

If you were to create a reaction video of a viral or well-known YouTuber, it makes it easy to piggyback on their subscribers. Watch a few reaction videos to understand the subtle ways of throwing a punch or a comment.

One way to make this product unique is by sticking to only one domain of videos. For example, if you enjoy sports. Then create reaction videos to only sporting events or sport-based footage. This action will help build a brand for yourself and a community of loyal followers.

4. Reviews

Another YouTube trend that is both informative and entertaining is that of reviews. If you enjoy a domain and feel like you have the right opinions to provide — make a review video. Pick a topic and break down the intricacies of it.

You can pick any subject like tech review, food review, cars, sports, products, etc. Make sure your review is not filled with opinions but balanced with facts and data. Use simple edit and catchy writing to connect with the audience.

If you are on a grim budget and cannot buy products to review them, find free products. For example, a review of a local store or a tourist attraction will make amazing videos. Again, it would help if you critiqued only a single niche.

5. Live Streamings

Not sure if you have the time to learn shooting and editing but still want to be part of the YouTube space? This is an excellent way to make consistent and engaging content. The live feature on YouTube has enabled many creators to produce content on the fly.

You can find an industry you would like to steam to the world and plan a fixed number of live streams each week. This live-stream can be conversations with guests, reviews, discussions, opinion pieces, and much more.

Live streaming games like PubG and FIFA are also trendy and attract a very dense online market. Live stream does not need in-depth skills — all you need is a laptop and a fast internet connection. This property of content will build a substantial user base but over many months.

You will have to activate the feature from your YouTube dashboard. So ensure you do this at least a few days before your first live stream. To help improve reach, ask friends to join the first few sessions and interact with your steam.  

Once you are done with the live session, you can also upload this to your channel as a video for users to see later.

Final Thoughts

Making videos is more about the concept than the use of an expensive camera. While we cannot deny the value that the right equipment brings to a video, its lack should not halt your ideas.

The most important tip for new YouTubers is to dive in and get the ball rolling. The more quality content you can post — the better your odds of making an impact. While this is a slow process, it would seem like very little work if you make videos in a domain you enjoy.

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