How To Edit Photos Online Easily.

Everybody of us needs to edit images or photos during our regular daily life, and we also know that it is not possible for everyone of us to professional photo editing tools. However wouldn’t it be good if we can edit our photos on the fly?
There is a solution to this problem of ours. We can edit our images online and with the highest precision on

This site offers a fast and superb photo editor that lets you tweak photos on the fly. If you aren’t convinced visit the website and test its capabilities on the demo image, the results are truly surprising. And the Best part of it is, it’s FREE.


  • Naturally Beautiful– It reduce glare and wrinkles. Remove red-eye and blemishes. Air- brush for a smoother skin-tone. Use Citrify to bring out your natural beauty without damaging the integrity of your photos.
  • Accepted Everywhere-Citrify works wherever Flash is supported. That includes Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7, and Linux.
  • Eye-popping Effects– Ever wonder how you would look as the Incredible Hulk? How about turning your Italian vacation photos into an artistic pencil sketch? And don’t forget to check out our popular “Obamify” effect.
  • Simplicity and Power-It quickly adjust photo brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, size, and orientation. Citrify’s highly polished user interface puts you in the driver seat.

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