How to Change Word to PDF

PDFs are useful for sharing files so that everyone sees them in the same manner. Normally, you’ll produce documents in another program before converting them to PDF. This tutorial will show you how to change a Word document, with .doc, .docx extensions, to a PDF.

6 Steps to Convert Word to PDF

Follow these six steps to change Word to PDF:

Step 1: Save Your Work

Regardless of whether you are using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other writing software, save your work into a .docx file.

If you are using Google Docs, for example, click the File tab on the upper right, scroll down to download, and it should open a tab that gives you a few options. Choose the first option, which says Microsoft Word (.docx).

Step 2: Open Your Downloads Folder

After that’s done, your file is most likely saved in your ‘Downloads’ folder. 

If this is work you have done online, depending on the browser you are using, a small icon may blink, indicating where your downloads are. Click the icon and click the folder option next to it, and not the file name itself. It should then bring you to the ‘Downloads’ folder straight away.

Step 3: Open a Trustworthy Converter

There are a lot of sites online and applications that allow you to convert your word to pdf. However, most documents you may have are sensitive or personal, and you wouldn’t want to just convert your file anywhere. 

Going to a website like to convert your Word to PDF is a sure way for you to ensure that not only will your work be converted, but the data that is in it will also be protected. 

Furthermore, it gives you a selection of tools such as spitting, merging, compressing files, as well as gives you the option to convert other files to PDF such as JPG to PDF and Excel to PDF.

Step 4: Upload Your File 

Converters usually give you the option to upload the file into the converter or drag and drop it. allows you to do the same. Since your Downloads Folder is already open, as mentioned in Step 2, simply drag your file into the converter instead of manually searching for it with the ‘Choose File’ button and uploading it there. 

Step 5: Wait for Tool to Convert Your File

Now just wait and let the magic happen. Your file should be converting within a short time span, if not seconds at this point, so you can use these few seconds as a breather. 

Step 6: Download Your File

And that’s it! Your Word file should now be a PDF file, and all you have to do is download it and use it as you please. 

What Is PDF?

The abbreviation PDF stands for “portable document format.” The format is used when you need to store files that can’t or shouldn’t be changed but still need to be distributed and/or printed. Almost everyone has a copy of Adobe Reader or another application that can view PDF files on their computer these days.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) presently maintains the PDF as an open standard. It can contain a variety of things, such as links, music, video, form fields, and clickable buttons. 

How Does Work? automates the process of something you would manually do if you were to do it on your own such as converting, splitting, compressing, etc. We simplify the process of what would otherwise be a bit of a task for you. Furthermore, your information is safe with us. In fact, all file transfers are encrypted, and we erase your data after you’ve converted and downloaded it. 

Is This Tool Free?

While you can convert and do so much more with while being secure, one of the best things about it is that you can do it all for free. We save you the hassle of what you need for your workload as well as any expenses you might incur just to do your work, such as converting a file. 

Is It Possible to Undo the Change?

Yes. Using the PDF to Word tool, you may restore the file’s original layout and file type. If you need to convert it from a PDF to a DOCX file, there’s no issue.

What Else can Offer with PDF?

Most operating systems support PDF files, and the information cannot be changed, making it far more flexible than other file formats.

It’s also worth noting that they aren’t dead ends. Whenever you obtain a PDF, you can use our free PDF tools to convert it to a new file type or modify it further.

You can, for example:

  • Use an electronic signature to eSign PDF files.
  • Encrypt your files using a password to keep them safe
  • Text, pictures, and notes may also all be added to PDFs.

These are, of course, just examples. There’s a lot more you can find if you go to our main page.

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