How To Change Spotify Username For Free? [Best Guide]

How to change Spotify Username?

Hi folks, does your Spotify account still go with the boring number name assigned initially? And you wonder how to change Spotify username, then it is time to make the change.

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I have come across several users posing questions, can you change your Spotify username? This article is proposed to all of you, who ponder to get identified on Spotify with their names.

Spotify, as you all know is a digital music service that offers around 60 million songs, podcasts, and videos. Spotify is featured with a plethora of freemium and paid services. It has quickly gained traction and has developed into a big community wherein you can log into your Facebook account and find, share, follow, or be followed by your friends, connections, and family.

While your Spotify username is intended to identify you on Spotify, this username is an array of numbers that is way too difficult to be remembered. But it is designed to be your unique identification number and unfortunately cannot be changed. No worries, because you don’t need to memorize this number to log in. Just your email address supported with your password or your Facebook account is all that you need. 

So, you can’t change Spotify username but you can go ahead and change your Spotify display name that would be visible to your connections and shows on your Spotify profile, application, playlists, and friend activities. 

If you are accessing your Spotify account from your mobile or tablet then I have provided the exact screenshots below that will make the process a lot easier. If you are trying it on PC, do follow the same steps, and you will get there!

How to change Spotify username/display name

  1. Press on your Spotify Home button.
  2. Then find Settings on the top right corner. And tap to open it.
How To Change Spotify Username For Free? [Best Guide] 1
  1. Tap View profile.
How To Change Spotify Username For Free? [Best Guide] 2
  1. Press EDIT PROFILE.      
How To Change Spotify Username For Free? [Best Guide] 3
  1. Your display name can be changed here.
  2. Save and continue enjoying songs!

If you are a new user of Spotify I would like to mention some points here that you would be interested in!

How does Spotify work?

Just getting started with Spotify then follow this.

  1. Sign-up for a personal account on the Spotify website. Signing up with Facebook makes the overall syn, finding friends, making connections, etc easy and faster. 
  2. You may choose to keep using a free account or adopt a subscription. Spotify Premium gives access to special features, and overall flexibility to use it on any of your devices. 
  3. Spotify is meant for multiple devices. Choose the device, you need to use Spotify on and keep listening!
How To Change Spotify Username For Free? [Best Guide] 4

You may have observed that Spotify has a bandwidth of applications embedded into it. Like you may use Spotify Pets, Spotify Kids, Spotify Stations, etc. These are all customized applications of Spotify and can be used for specific purposes, as the name suggests applications. 

Spotify Connect

You can connect and play the music in Spotify on a number of devices connected on the same WiFi, like Speakers to your TV, Google Home, Amazon echo, etc.

Another question on Spotify that is commonly asked is 

How to download music on Spotify?

While Spotify doesn’t allow you to download the songs directly into your storage, Spotify Premium has a special feature, Spotify Offline, that allows you to download up to 10,000 songs that you can listen to even in offline mode on up to 5 different devices. This way you can save your mobile data and storage space. This downloading feature is super simple, too. There is a download toggle symbol beside any song, podcast, or video. Just press it and start downloading! 

If you are a user like me, then you might instantly try to figure out the below query!

How much data does Spotify use?

And here is what I found out. While the amount of data utilized by Spotify will largely depend on the quality of the song or video that you choose. You can select and change the quality of streaming and downloading data by changing the settings of your mobile data on mobile.


Overall Spotify is a fun application to use and a very user-friendly one. Do try all the premium features of Spotify to take the ultimate benefit of it! I have listed a few easy ways for your convenience. 

So, stop worrying about how to change Spotify username and go get it changed now!

How To Change Spotify Username For Free? [Best Guide] 9
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