How Landline Phones Help Us Stay Happy and Connected?

The telecommunication industry has revolutionized society, politics, and commerce, reshaping how we work and how our brains are wired. These technologies have surely enhanced freedom and democratized the spread of information. As a result, more and more people have the ability to access information. They can be a part of any change they want, using these communication channels. 


However, it is quite difficult to evaluate modern technologies unless we understand how people used to communicate in the past. Landline phones are remarkable in ways never imagined. Yes, your smartphones are pretty and convenient but landline phones are better in their ways. 

We see a general trend towards getting rid of landline phones in the country. People simply do not feel the need to pay some bucks for a wired phone they barely use. However, with the pandemic situation going on, landline phones are more relevant than ever before. 

To make people understand the importance of a landline even in these cellphone times, we came up with all the reasons to get one for your home. 

Landline Phones have changed over the years 

People have a perception that you can only make and receive calls with the landline. It serves no additional purpose. However, the reality is different. The landline phone has been able to cope up with the challenges of today. The modern landline phones have countless features. For example, if you subscribe to Charter Spectrumâ„¢, the Spectrum phone features amount to 28. These are all unique features tailored to meet the requirements of your household. One of the most prominent features is E911 access. In case of any emergency, you can just dial 911 and they will know your location. Secondly, you get unlimited local and long-distance calling with providers like Spectrum. There are no added fees. 

Modern Landline phones have no dropped calls 

We were made to believe that the worn-out landline phones are bound to drop calls when you need them the most. With the introduction of VoIP phones, the scenario has changed entirely. Now, landline phones are the most reliable form of technology when it comes to calling quality. Almost all the top landline phone providers offer no dropped calls. 

This is relevant in the pandemic situation where most of the business and office work is done from home. You need a phone to talk to clients and make work-related important calls. With no dropped calls, you can close any deal. 

Differentiate work from personal life 

The biggest problem with working from home is our inability to differentiate work life from personal life. It intermingles and starts to create many problems for us. For example, you will be working at one moment and getting groceries the other moment. There are no fixed office hours. As a result, it is easier to get exhausted. The frustration gets real when you get work calls from the clients or co-workers at times when you are with your family. Therefore, it is necessary to separate work calls from your cell phones. The landline phone fits the equation here. You can use it entirely for work reasons; communicate with the clients, or people from work when required. This simple step will keep us connected and most importantly, help to differentiate work life from personal life in these odd times. 

Stay connected to your kids at home while you are outside 

Communication and connection are very important especially when you are a working parent. You have to make sure that the kids are doing fine. Many kids have smartphones these days but for younger ones, it is not a good idea to hand them one. Nevertheless, you still need to talk to them while you are outside. A landline phone fits the equation for families like this. It helps them to stay connected all the time. The wellbeing of a child is very important for any mother or father. 

Long-distance calling 

As we have discussed before, modern landline services offer free long-distance calling. You can make unlimited calls nationwide and connect with your clients, family, and friends. 

Back-up option 

No matter what technology you have, it has certain flaws. We are made to believe that we need to rely on one technology and it is the only reliable option in the world. However, this thought is wrong on many levels. Cellphones are not perfect. You face power outages, battery issues, and signal problems every other day. In situations like these, you need a backup option. Landline phones offer a great backup for situations like these. There are no dropped calls, signal issues, and most importantly, no one will steal your landline from you. 

Final Verdict 

We are living in difficult times. In moments like these, it is important to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. Landline phones might not be the perfect solution but it still is the most reliable communication medium out there.

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