Grow Your Business with These Simple SEO Tips

Grow Your Business with These Simple SEO Tips 1

Business growth and leads are the priority goals of every business owner. Effective business development results in the growth of potential leads, which is mandatory for success and fulfillment. There is a common stereotype in the public mind that generating leads revolves around a salesperson making phone calls to the potential customers. Technology, as well as times, have evolved miraculously which has given rise to new modes of interaction with the clients.

The old telemarketing strategies might still be around but most of the communication happens over the World Wide Web these days, which we commonly refer to as the internet. Computers, smartphones, tablets and many other gifts of technology have granted us 24/7 access to the internet and its facilities, therefore it is vital to establish a formidable online presence. Every business activity needs to be revamped with the digital framework in mind. For instance, if your sales team cannot compliment the phone calls with online communication tools then consider yourself doomed. This isn’t an exaggeration because, in the progressive world of today, an impressive online presence has become vital for your brand’s survival, to achieve such presence try google my business management services.

How Does SEO Come Into Play?

Let’s suppose you are searching for handbags on Google. When you put in your search query, it is most likely that you will choose a page from the top most results or at least, choose a result that appears on the front page. Why don’t you scroll down and choose something from the options below or scroll to the next pages? That is because we consciously believe that the top listed results are more fitting for our search. This high ranking of search results is due to effective SEO implementation. There are a wide number of elements involved under the SEO umbrella which when linked together, provide you greater digital visibility.

Behind every search query, the search engine robot/spider crawls different URL’s, indexes them and collects data from every website which has the relevant content. Spiders crawl into the website looking for relative or exact keywords used in the search query. Search engine bots function, based on algorithms, to rank those webpages higher that get more traction.

If you are new to the concept of SEO and you think that the techniques and practices involved are somewhat foreign to you, we have compiled a basic list of SEO tips and tactics that can help you improve your online visibility and grow your business.

• Make a Dynamic and Mobile Responsive Site

With the ease of accessibility that smartphones and tablets bring with them, most people prefer browsing the internet from these devices rather than doing so from their laptops and desktops. Since the viewing experience is quite different on these devices, it is important that your websites are well optimized to cater to the changing dynamics. Mobile responsiveness is integral for a formidable online presence in the modern day world. A static site cannot adjust itself to the different screen sizes whereas a dynamic or mobile responsive site can achieve that seamlessly.

Even the Google algorithms judge your site majorly on this particular factor as it plays a vital role in providing good user experience. Easy user accessibility tends to be a major contributing factor towards ranking higher in search engine algorithms.

• Improve Site Speed

Site speed is another major factor that can either make or break your online reputation. Google strongly supports a fast working website and it can drastically affect the ranking of your site because nobody appreciates waiting for websites to load beyond a few seconds period. The average time a user waits for a page to load is roughly around 10 seconds after that they would move on to another source.  Whereas it is entirely possible at instances that the site speed is not actually the issue but it is your internet connection that is struggling. To avoid that, you need to have a high-speed internet connection which is supportive of your cause. ISP’s like Cox and AT&T could prove to be safe options in this regard.

• Be Active On Google Business Listings:

Google My Business (GMB) feature is a simple way for local businesses to get listed online. You can list your business onto the Google maps with GMB, providing product/service summary, address, contact number, pictures, reviews and link to the company’s website.

In order to take full advantage of GMB, insert relevant and important keywords into your business summary section. Also, try inserting local keyword phrases which people in the local vicinity generally search for. This will result in higher traction towards your business.

Reviews are also crucial towards the betterment of any business. Greater the number of positive reviews, higher will be the credibility of your business over the search engine. Reviews are an invaluable way to gauge whether someone should engage in business dealings with your company or not. If a user comes to your site for the first time, they will definitely look for customer reviews to judge the credibility of your site.

• Produce Quality and Optimized Content On a Regular Basis:

Good quality content, with naturally embedded keywords, plays a great role in optimizing a site. Content that adds value for your users by addressing topics that may interest them should be produced on a regular basis. Search engines are always looking for fresh and quality content that is more relatable to the queries of the users around the globe.

Many major business platforms like Amazon and Microsoft have also entered the domain of blogging because it is not just a great way to provide people with relevant information but also the perfect platform to improve the ranking of their respective keywords. Consistent blogging also shows web users and search engines that you’re a credible and active entity that delivers reliable information which in turn boosts the overall rankings.

• Get Yourself Some Quality Backlinks:

Backlinking is a core SEO strategy that is used to optimize the site. Although it can be achieved through several means, producing guest posts and article submissions are the most prominent ones these days. Guest posting gives you an opportunity to connect your brand and knowledge with a credible online source by sharing valuable information on their platform. There are many paid posting opportunities that allow you to be promotional in your efforts, but you have to make sure that it sits in well with your audience because forced content can be very destructive.

If your blog post gets published to a credible site which is relevant to your target niche, it will not only provide you with a strong backlinking profile but also get you the attention of search engine bots. This will reward you with higher rankings on search engine platforms.

Guest posting is generally a two-sided process, where you allow someone to post on your site or you post an article on their websites and both these processes can increase your domain authority (provided, of course, that the content posted and the publishing platform are both of good quality).

Following these tips and tactics will surely help you improve your online presence thus potentially bringing in more business. There are various SEO tutorials and certifications available online which can help you improve your overall grip. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because proper SEO is the need of the hour so be sure to make use of it!

Grow Your Business with These Simple SEO Tips 3
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