Google Street view expands to more countries in Asia

Google Street View expands in Asia. Currently the Street view project covers 56 countries worldwide. Street view has already added (90,000)360-degree paromagic images of Angkor Wat temple in Combodia since 2013 (Virtual tour available here ), Japan's Mount Fuji and Taj Mahal of India. Street view expansion initiative started with camera-clad cards hitting the roads of Laos, starting in the capital city of Vientiane. google street view car asia   Google has teamed up with the local governments and tourism organizations in Asia for this expansion initiative. The internet giant hopes Street view will create new ways for travellers and people around the world can experience the Asia's historical monuments, unesco heritage sites and tourist attractions which will attract more tourism and awareness about those regions to the world. Google has begin Asia expansion initiative with Vientiane, but hopes to cover rest of the Laos and more asian countries in the coming years. Look out for Google street view car near your city in Asia.


Enjoy the below embedded Google Street view of Taj Mahal.


Right click and move your cursor through the above image to navigate the street maps of Taj Mahal.