How YouTube Processes A Lot of Videos In Just A Short Span of Time?

It is actually a technical prodigy that YouTube can manage hundreds of thousands of viewers watching a lot of videos that have a significant number of real YouTube views at the same time. For this reason, more and more people were asking if how this social media platform process a lot of videos in just a short period of time. Fortunately, engineers at YouTube revealed how they handle excessive data without making an unsearchable and unwieldy website or getting bogged down. 

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According to Rushabh Doshi, one of the software engineers at YouTube, YouTube obtains traffic at a level each day which would DDoS a big fraction of other websites. 

On the other hand, it is an extent of the feat of the YouTube platform that all video streams are served up without instabilities to the website. However, serving massive volumes of videos is just one of the many engineering challenges faced by YouTube. 

When Doshi joined this platform in 2007 he said that the website is obtaining six hours of video for every minute. But in the past few years, YouTube has noticed a ten-fold boost in volume. 

Data Overflow 

In the past couple of years, digital video has modified the web profoundly and in fact, no corporation has been more dominant to that development than YouTube. Even so, it popularized and at the same time democratized video sharing. It also offered opportunities for protest and expression for citizens. 

The website, on the other hand, has turned out to be identical with online videos that are it a lot easier to disregard what technical marvel it is. 

Furthermore, the website can directly ingest videos from any source such as computer webcams, connected cameras, tablets, and phones. And the engineers at YouTube have really worked hard to create some of the difficulties of digital videos such as resolution, codecs, and bit rate invisible to people conducting all transcoding as well as processing on the back-end. 

For example, the upload page of YouTube is embedded with software which uploads and transcodes several high-definition video files automatically in real time. In order to reduce the latency, usually, the uploaded videos are delivered to any Google data center is physically nearest to the person. 

Search & Discovery

This actually takes place in the background since a lot of people are uploading videos simultaneously. However, the website faces another problem aside from processing videos. YouTube wants such videos to be tagged with information as well as easily searchable the moment they have arrived. But the problem is people aren’t consistent with the data they provide with their content. 

If you have ever seen some videos that you’re searching for desperately, then you need to thank CristosGoodrow – the engineering director for search & discovery at YouTube. 

Goodrow revealed that being part of one of the biggest and the world’s most dominant search provider has its benefits. In fact, YouTube utilizes much of the search technology of YouTube. Though, Goodrow points out that there are lots of stuff that make video search diverse. 

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