Monetize Your Blog with Teliad’s All New Services

Monetization is paramount for the successful continuance of any organization. Likewise, client’s satisfaction is another vital aspect in business and equilibrium between the above is pivotal. With respect to online marketing, presenting your website’s information such that it reaches the appropriate audience plays a major role. Teliad provides SEO services on an international level with a wide range of products related to SEO and link building.

How Bloggers Can Monetize with Teliad?

Teliad provides bloggers a very easy and effective way to monetize their blogs. Blog posts are a brilliant manner to monetize blogs for bloggers. Bloggers need to register their blogs for content products and blog posts. Once an offer has been marked it is added to Teliad’s marketplace where marketers can book them. As soon as the article is published the booking goes active. Blogs that are written need to be unique and can be written in the conventional style. Articles can include custom content and backlinks as per the advertisers needs. In the process bloggers effortlessly get to monetize their blogs by publishing blog posts on their own blogs.

The All New Teliad  Products and Services

With the newest products released recently by Teliad, publishing online and monetizing your site gets much easier. The recent products include Advertorials, Press Release, Video Marketing and Infographics.

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The advertiser writes articles on behalf of the client as an advertorial or as a guest post. While publishing as an advertorial the post is clearly marked as an advertorial. As a guest post the author’s name is mentioned. The author can also link their Google + author profile link with the post. The procedure remains the same as that of writing a conventional blog. Backlinks are integrated in the posts with no-follow attributes. Embedded online videos and images are included. The articles are published on blogger’s own blog. This way a website’s contents can be published to broader audience.

Press Release

Press Release contents are conveyed to bloggers and bloggers can register their blog for various content products, including Press Releases. Once an offer has been reviewed manually, it is added to our marketplace and can be booked immediately by advertisers. Link targets, images like company logo, brand etc. can be added on request. Advertiser interested create a request containing the contents of press release. Articles generated this way are online and visible permanently.

Video Marketing

In today’s world everyone is accustomed to watching videos online. With gadgets like smartphones, tablets etc. and non-stop internet availability online videos are always accessible. This online video domain can be used for video marketing. Teliad’s Video Marketing is online product for multimedia campaigns. With this method, a video along with short summary text and comments when placed initially on a popular blog have the potential to capture a broad range of audience. Such videos can be shared on various platforms like YouTube, MyVideo or even a personal webspace. Moreover, these videos stay online permanently visible.


An Infographic is a creative way to convey information which can be designed as per a specific requirement. Infographics are published in a blog article along with short summary text. The image is embed by the blogger form his or her webspace. Images and links can be included using standard HTML.

The Publisher Process

Publishing at Teliad is a simple process. Register your website or blog at Teliad, connect with advertisers and receive comprehensive ranking information to create offers. When a customer is interested in your offer, you receive a booking request. One can decide whether or not to accept the booking. This way one can commercialize their website effortlessly with Teliad. Whether you own a website or a blogger, monetizing it with Teliad is a lot easier.

Reasons and advantages to associate your business with Teliad

Teliad provides a broad range of services on an international scale and free support. With a large number of commercialization options and reliable processing Teliad provides its customers clear, convenient and customized campaigns. Moreover, all services provided by Teliad come at a fair pricing. For more details visit Teliad.

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