GeoSurf: Premium proxy service with ease of use

The internet world is growing fast and with it lots of new exciting services are growing which keeps us in pace with the truly fast life on the internet. If you are a website owner and your revenue comes from the ads you put on your website, you’d be better put if you knew which part of the world gets you maximum revenue so you could focus your ads better and this is where GeoSurf is a truly great service. The service lets you see any website as it is seen from in different parts of the world letting you put relevant ads according to the location.


GeoSurf is a service which enables users mostly the advertisers and marketers to get the local view of their ads and websites from more than 100+ global locations. It is of great use for people like online media professionals (buyers, campaign managers, sales, affiliates, and compliance teams) to view their ads which are geo-targeted and also see how their web content looks in different parts of the world. Validating and monitoring campaigns is very easy now as you can see who is bidding on localized ad placements and generate
new sources of business according to the target you would like and even enhance your current marketing activities. The ease of use is truly great and it is straight-forward but its features and service truly speak for GeoSurf. All of the servers on GeoProxy’s network are owned by them, thereby making them undoubtedly fast, secure, and reliable.



GeoSurf is basically a toolbar for your browser which not only gives you proxy server networks but also brings you stats and analysis of the website. Using these you can find amazing information about a particular page and its advertisers. The toolbar works super fast, making it easy (and fun!) to switch between countries or states and view the various results.

There is also a mobile emulator which allows you to see what your sites or pages look like on various mobile devices.

This proxy toolbar also allows you to use the VPN connection. You can use this to change the IP address of your entire machine for monitoring advertisements on IM clients, applications, Forex software, and other desktop (non-browser) applications.

There are a bunch of other advanced features such as localized user experience within smartphones(iOS, Android etc), GeoSurf for PlayStation, among others so you’re likely to get more than you might practically make use of.

Their servers bring a fast browsing experience along with security, and reliability. All the servers that power ‘localized proxy surfing’ for GeoSurf users are well-equipped with best of server technology so as to keep all its users have an uninterrupted service experience.


Just about any business which depends on the internet will really be benefitted by this service. And if you want a more specific point of view rather than the diplomatic one then go ahead. With GeoSurf:

  • Any business/website can benefit from GeoSurf that plans to target any local market as targeting your ads was never so easy.
  • Niche site builders – now you can geo-target for specific markets which will make sure you make more money with more ads that are targeted towards a specific matket and affiliate your programs as well.
  • Link builders – building links gets a whole lot easier with the GeoSurf across the globe for your clients.
  • Ad sellers/buyers – The advertisers who are on a limited budget are surely going to love this feature from GeoSurf as it allows narrowing down your target market and thus make sure you make the most of your advertising budget.
  • Affiliate marketers – you can keep a check on your competition across the globe by affliating marketers with GeoSurf.
  • Product owners – Keeping track of your affiliate marketers in different markets to make a check on their performance is very easy and you can make sure they comply with your TOS which should surely result in great success.

GeoSurf Toolbar works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Firefox for Mac. If you wish to use this on Chrome or other browsers, you can try GeoSurf VPN.

GeoSurf Plus


There’s also another great feature that GeoSurf offers i.e. GeoSurf Plus which is also accessible from the toolbar. This feature will really make you go wow because it gives much more detailed info although the GeoSurf’s normal service is basically enough for most users. This product is for online media pros and companies which want way more detail. With GeoPlus, you can easily manage  any website from advertising and revenue point of view and figure out the various critical details which are a great factor for any website’s success. It immediately displays associated details of any website you wish to know such as number of ad campaigns and also the advertisers, currently active on that site. Well if you belong to the breed of people who love to explore the details then you can also find out info such as the mediators (networks, exchanges, etc) involved in running the campaigns for various involved advertisers.

GeoSurf Plans and Pricing

GeoSurf: Premium proxy service with ease of use 1

Thus anyone looking for a great proxy service then surely this is it and with their great pricing, they surely kill the competition. Buy proxy Check out for more details.


GeoSurf: Premium proxy service with ease of use 3
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