GeoEdge- Powerful Tool for SEO Professionals and Publishers

GeoEdge is an excellent tool which allows users to view and monitor the their geo-targeted ads and campaign from over 115 global locations. GeoEdge comes in form of toolbar or extension for your web browser, VPN or mobile app. Thus GeoEdge removes the geographical barrier for online advertising professionals and provides a smooth gateway for analysing and monitoring advertising campaigns and content on the web.GeoEdge Website Screenshot

What is GeoEdge?

GeoEdge is a powerful tool which helps you view and analyze how your website (web content) is performing in various geographical locations across the globe. It allows its users to see organic search results from a search engine for a particular keyword and also how an Ad looks on a website. Web browsers like Firefox, Internet explorer, Chrome etc. are supported by GeoEdge.

How GeoEdge works?

GeoEdge uses a global network of premium proprietary proxy servers spread over more than 115 global locations. That is to say when you select a location say, Los Angeles, CA, USA you will be logged in from a local proxy server in LA. Thus allowing you to view your web content as though you were in LA, right from your place.

How GeoEdge helps its users?

GeoEdge allows its users to collect data about how well their website is performing in various locations around the world. Also, you can view how geographically targeted Ads look on a website. This feature helps SEO professionals and companies in market research and targeting. Specially helps organizations striving to build a brand name in a specific location to monitor their progress. Publishers can get a full view and gain complete visibility of their Ad spectrum from any geographical location. It helps to filter Ads by network, geographical location, verticals etc. to save time and money on tedious processes and make your staff more efficient. Also the tool ensures a smooth running and reliable Ad profile and thus helps increase revenue.

GeoEdge Toolbar

GeoEdge Extension-Chrome

GeoEdge Toolbar UI is highly user friendly and simple. You will be directed to an appropriate page when you select a location in the list. It has a well arranged location list classified based on continents they belong to. You can also view how your content looks on a smartphone by using the Mobile Emulator.

GeoEdge Analytics

GeoEdge Analytics

This tool is a powerful and robust platform that allows its users to analyze, monitor and get a better understanding of how their Ads are displayed on any website at any location. GeoEdge Analytics tool allows you to gather and track delivery paths, cookies and landing pages, perform semantic analyses of Ads and landing pages including broken links, third party cookies, malware detection etc. This tool is backed by the global proxy network and the BI engine to provide its users with high grade service. Another feature Snap-It, builds a consolidated view of pages and Ads from several geographical locations with one click. Also you can share a snapshot of the web content you are viewing using Share Screenshot feature.

How and where to get GeoEdge?

GeoEdge Plans

You can get GeoEdge for free with limited services at Also paid services are available in form of GeoEdge Pro for publishers, Ad networks and media buyers. The free version is suitable for SEO and SEM requirements. Also the software provides service if you are not sure which plan suits you the best.

Final Thoughts

GeoEdge is best suited for organizations providing SEO services in a local or location specific market, as it helps them in various manners. Also SEO professionals conducting rigorous market research are the most benefited. Overall GeoEdge is a good tool for location specific marketing and well suited for SEO professionals.

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