Future of Mobile Technology

Though for many it is a terrible idea to predict the future, mobile phone-tech enthusiasts do not shy away from forecasting trends or things that might have shown some potential of incremental improvements. 


Are We on the Cusp of 5G Networking?

The term 5 G has been tossed around like its already a “rolled-out” technology. But these things take time. It was way back in 2010 that the first of the 4G speed enabled phones were released. 5G looks to be more than just an advancement over 4G, (like 4G was over 3G). It is expected that 5G will take internet data speed to a whole new level. Currently 4G data speed is around 30-100 Mbps. 5G is forecast to increase that to 1,000 Mbps. And then well beyond! Many in the know of things are hopeful that when the technology matures, mobile phone users will see real world speeds of 5-30 Gbps!

CPU, RAM and Screen Resolution

The past 10 years of mobile phone-trends indicate that the specifications of CPU, RAM, Battery, Camera and Screen would improve in the coming years and could be in the range of:

RAM Around 8+ GB

CPU’s Breaching 3.2 GHz+

4000+ mAH Batteries

4K UHD 120 Hz Screen Resolutions

5K – Possibly Even 8K – Video Recording

Short Messaging Service (SMS) to Stay

SMS is ubiquitous. There is hardly anyone with a mobile phone who has never used a SMS. With extremely high open rates, SMS are seen by users every 3 minutes. Not surprisingly SMS usage is actually on the rise. Smartphone penetration in Australia – a country which has happily adopted the mobile evolution with mush ease – now stands at 89 percent, according to Deloitte’s Mobile Consumer Survey.  According to figures attributed to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), data reveals that over 80 percent of adult Australians have sent an SMS in the past six months. These statistics indicate a huge opportunity for enterprises to use SMS to communicate with their consumers. No wonder then that SMS marketing in Australia and remains a viable strategy and will in fact witness a surge in the future. The SMS trends for the future will include:

  • Application to Person (A2P) SMS will continue to be on the rise. 
  • 2-way SMS will be increasingly preferred by mainly younger consumers who will be happy to communicate with the brands directly. 

RCS – Rich Communication Service Will Improve Mobile Marketing

RCS from Google will be the next hot trend in mobile technology. As a business messaging platform, it will be an extension of SMS and will improve the way businesses communicate with consumers. It will combine SMS with other chat apps and will work on every device. Moreover, it will not need the downloading of an app. 

e-SIMs- Another Mobile Tech Advancement

e-SIMs are electronic versions of the SIM card you currently use. e-SIMs are built directly into the device and can be assigned to any user at the press of a button. With these smart SIM cards, you can share data seamlessly. 

The future mobile phones will come with more battery life, smoother and speedier data connectivity and these devices will be built to immerse us into the AR /VR experiences. So how would you want your phone to look like in 2025?

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