The Must-Have Features in Cell Phones for Seniors

Most electronic devices today are designed keeping in mind the younger generation, who are tech-savvy and can easily adapt to new technology. This is not true for the seniors who face problems in handling new-age phones. They have trouble with display, small keypad and complicated navigation features. Senior-friendly phones eliminate these issues and ensure that these devices enhance the quality of life for the elderly by giving them a sense of independence and safety and the pleasure of staying connected with friends and family. 

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Types of Cell Phones for Seniors

Cell phones for seniors are available in many types depending upon the features they have. Here is a look at the different types of senior-friendly phones available in the market.

  • Visual Aid Phones – facilitate improved viewing with bigger buttons and keypads and enhanced display for convenient viewing
  • SOS Safety Devices – Cell phone for the elderly are specially designed with inbuilt GPS locator that facilitates in easily locating a senior in distress
  • Hearing Aids Phone – comes with special features that aid in easy hearing

Must-Have Features in Senior-Friendly Phones

Most mobile phone manufacturing companies in Australia like Opel Mobile, tailor- manufacture these devices to meet the special requirements of the seniors. These phones are made by using personalised device interface, health monitoring apps etc. Here is a list of must-have features in the cell phones for seniors.

Personalised Designing – In addition to the standard features, these phones offer seniors the flexibility to personalise the phones according to their convenience.

Memory Aids – Memory loss is a big problem with senior citizens. They forget important appointments and this adversely impact their lives and health. These phones assist seniors with their everyday routine by allowing them to set reminders/alarms for appointments and meetings. The phones have special features to store personal, and financial information and address book with photos along with alarms.

SOS Features – Panic buttons, speed-dialling of SOS numbers and emergency contacts are probably the most important features of these phones. The SOS buttons are large so that the elderly can easily access them to alert their caregivers immediately, in case of emergencies.

Visual and Hear Aid Features – Phones that are ideal for the elderly have large buttons and big keypads that facilitate easy typing and receiving and ending calls. The phones display large icons and text for easy viewing. These phones for seniors are fitted with hearing- aid compatibility features along with the regular loud speaker features. 

Health-monitoring Apps – Phones for seniors must be fitted with apps that provide remote health care services. These apps ensure that all their important health parameters are in check. 

Easy Access to Information – A senior-friendly phone should allow ease of access to information letting the elderly track and manage all important details like particulars of their health, house, and other personal interests. 

Cell phones are important tools for everyone in today’s digital world. It is more so, for the seniors. Phones designed for seniors should have internet connectivity along with the above features to make these devices helpful tools in the hands of the elderly.  

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