Top 5 Microphone Booster Software For Real Time Audio Enhancement


Microphone booster software is the program that allows you to amplify the volume of the system’s microphone. It helps the user to enhance their microphone volume by increasing the sensitivity of the microphone as well as other methods like pre-amplification, fader gain etc. After boosting your microphone you can easily record your sound and save it into several formats like MP3, MP2, AAC, etc

While using some microphone booster software you can see the peaks of the recorded sound or the sound inputted via microphone. It also allows you to see the variations between boosted and non boosted sounds.Some than that you will also be able to experience some exciting features like the inbuilt sound effects like distortions, fade, bass, echo, treble and many more. You can even edit the soundtrack by cutting, splitting, changing the speed and pitch of the sound. 

So, let’s start discussing what are the top microphone boosters available for Windows that you can probably use in your system for availing the top-notch quality of the sound.

Top 5 Microphone Boosters for Windows:

All these mentioned software programs are highly rated and filtered among various available on the Internet. I hope you will be able to find the best for yourself. So, stick with us till the end of the article.


This is a free microphone booster software via which you can edit the audio on several platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux. While recording sound with this program you can change the sensitivity of the microphone by gliding the Recording Volume slider.  After completing the boosting for the microphone, you can start recording the audio, and then you’ll be able to see the sound wave on the screen according to the input. 

The other benefits that you can enjoy via this software are the insertion of audio effects like auto duck, echo, fade, distortion, amplification in the track, changing the speed, changing the pitch of the audio, analyzing the audio in terms of RMS value differences, threshold percentage or levels etc.



This is one of the widely used software for leveling up the microphone volume. The standout feature of this program is that while using this, you don’t require any plugins, infact there is no need for the configuration because of the absence of hardware components. You can even use the virtual sounds from the extensive library. The software is capable of recording both kinds of sounds named mono & stereo over the microphone.

With the help of the supplementary tools you can adjust and make variations in the soundtracks to get the desired output.


Equilizer APO:

If you’re looking for the microphone booster on Windows, then it is the ideal choice to be made. It doesn’t consume high storage data, so you don’t have to worry about the CPU usage. It is totally free to use an open-source platform where you can boost the microphone volume with the pre-amplification tools for getting strong output sounds. You can even apply sound filters like high or low pass. There are two types of equalizers available for bands 15 & 31, for adjusting the frequency of the output sound manually.

Equilizer APO

Mic Note:

This microphone booster program is available for the platforms like Windows, Linux, Chrome and macOS. It is used for several purposes like audio note making, creating text notes, as well as adding pictures in the notes. After finishing the note it can easily be exported in several formats like TXT, MP3, PDF. The Gain Level slider present in the software helps the user to record the audio notes with the greater mic sensitivity.

The transcription tool present in the software helps the user to convert the text to speech.

Mic Note

Kazi Sound Recorder:

This application helps in keeping the track of all the recorded and playback audios. It has even higher potential of amplification than the usual mic boosters. The audio files available for recording are mostly MP3,CD, WAV, OGG, Vox audio files. The interface comes with the audiovisual monitor where you can watch your activity and take the action if it is necessary. It supports VCR, Television, Radio, Telephone.  

Kazi Sound Recorder

What are the best microphone you need for gaming?

For experiencing the crystal clear audio while playing game, you can select these microphones mentioned below:
1. HyperX Quadcast
2. Elgato Wave 3
3. Razer Seiren Mini

How do I amplify my microphone on Windows 10?

In order to amplify the microphone make sure take you have granted the access to your mic.
Start> Settings> Privacy> Microphone> Change> Allow apps to access your microphone(Turn On)

I guess you are finally able to select the best among the bests. Every software listed in this blog has its own specificity, so you can select as per your requirement. If you are not sure, then you can give it a try to check its features. Besides these, the other boosters that I would like to recommend you are Expstudio Audio Editor, DeskFX Audio Enhancer Software.

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