Find Any Type of Audio Sound from Roaring Lion to Mickey Mouse

audio soundHi, I was just searching to find some unique audio sound to set as my ringtone. In search of a audio sound I found plenty of audio resources which anyone would love to hear. I found many sites where I can download sound, but none of them had much of choices to select from. But had plenty of stuff what I was looking for.

Firstly they had a very user friendly home page to search sound files based on File Formats like; AIFF, AU, MP3, WAVE. Number of Channels (mono, stereo). minimum resolution and file size. And Home page also contains categories based on Animals, Birds, Holidays, Household, Insects, Mayhem, Musical Instruments, Nature, Noisemakers, Office, People, Sports and Recreation, Tools like axe, broom etc. Vehicles.

find sounds

For you convenience, I’ve added the search box right in this page. So start searching for rare audio files. - Search the Web for Sounds


Sound Types

Do share your experience in finding the right tone for your needs.
Find Any Type of Audio Sound from Roaring Lion to Mickey Mouse 1
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