Find Source Code Of Any Flash Object, SWF, PHP file, Java class, .NET, QR-code and more

source code SYMBOLAre you curious about the source code of a flash, PHP file, Java class, .NET? Then, I have a solution for you using which you can find the source code of the flash object.

You might be a programmer or you just want to know the code used to make the object or maybe you want to know is your program secure. Whatever it is, you can just find the source code by using an online tool. Showmycode is such a tool using which you can find any source code in just a click.

Today I came through this site while I was in search of the source code for making spinning round box for random article(like the one given below). You can have a look at the below embedded the code which I got online from I was curious to know the code for the spinning box they had in their sidebar. So I thought of using Showmycode to find the source code



The above spinning flash box is cool isn’t it? I was curious to know the source code and I found it using Showmycode. I just found the link where the flash object is hosted and then used it to find the source code as shown in the picture below.

online Decoder

Just enter the link of the flash, PHP, .NET object and enter the captcha code, then click on the SHOW MY CODE button.

You’ll get the source code instantly as in the below screenshot.

source code logo

Do share your thoughts about finding source code of a flash object. Also do let us know if you know about any cool online tools to find the source code.

Link: Showmycode

Find Source Code Of Any Flash Object, SWF, PHP file, Java class, .NET, QR-code and more 1
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