Find Out Why Speed Is Necessary for WordPress Websites?

Why is website loading speed important? In this guide, we will discuss a series of actions that can be taken to speed up a WordPress website. Do you know how vital your website speed is? In today’s fast-paced business environment, customer expectations are higher than ever. 

The average user would want the website to get loaded within 2 seconds. Yes, it only takes 2 seconds! Website speed is one of the top-ranking factors officially announced by Google. It means that your WordPress website’s speed on desktop and mobile devices is crucial for your success.

Find Out Why Speed Is Necessary for WordPress Websites? 1

Important Factors

Speed is the most crucial factor in the WordPress site. Today’s ultra-fast-paced business environment requires it. You may remember that one billion pages need to be viewed every day for daily work and business purposes. So, if the system is not functioning correctly, how can we generate more data and explore more options every day?

At the same time, you need to be aware that we should keep the WordPress website’s loading speed at a maximum of 2 seconds. Otherwise, we may lose the highest traffic source. Another thing worth reminding is the Google ranking factor. You may already know that Google releases updates to its terms and policies every year. 

The most important element here is that Google wants the site speed to be maintained for 1 to 5 seconds. Otherwise, it will not rank. As you may know, ranking is crucial for your business growth.

If you want to speed up your WordPress website, you should add an “Expires Headers” to your website. But what is that? Why are they so important? how should you get it added to your website? Here is a piece of content by for a proper explanation.

Why is Speed Crucial? 

Now we can discuss it more practically. Google first emphasized the website speed in 2010. And its influence has only increased since then. Slow website speed may affect your SEO and lower your search engine rankings, resulting in fewer new customers. At the same time, you will also lose some existing valuable customers.

Slower websites will always give competitors advantages. How? You may ask. They will attract your consumers every time and stand out more than you. You’ll never want that to happen. Because of the performance statistics, users always have a specific website selection list.

According to a new report, a 2-second delay in the transaction process can result in an 87% abandonment rate. Slow website operations can affect brand loyalty. Visitors want quick results, regardless of sources. As a result, slow websites can damage brand reputation.

If Amazon slows down the loading speed by even one second, they may “lose more than $1.5 billion in sales” each year. Recent statistics prove that website speed directly affects sales and conversion rates. Alibaba reports that the delay time during the transaction is about 2/4 seconds, which may increase the abandonment rate to more than 80%. 

Increasing website speed can help you with a higher search engine ranking. And also an increase in sales. Users can undoubtedly switch to your website if you provide faster support and better-performing websites. You will gain a competitive advantage. Besides, increasing the speed of your WordPress website will increase your customer satisfaction, which is essential for every business. Simultaneously, for both the desktop and mobile versions, you need the fastest loading time. Most users are now using gadgets to browse the Internet to fulfill their purposes.

According to recent statistics, we found that you can increase consumer satisfaction by improving the speed of your WordPress website. However, increasing your website’s speed is essential for all businesses. And it will also increase customer satisfaction.

Check Speed

Some free online tools, such as Google PageSpeed ??Insights, allow you to check your website’s loading speed on desktop and mobile devices.  The online report will highlight the problem and provide suggestions on improving your WordPress site’s speed. 

However, some suggestions for improvement can be more technical than others. And it may require your web hosting service provider’s support.  It is best to take the initiative to increase the speed of your website. Check it regularly instead of waiting for search engine rankings and website traffic to drop.

Important Tips

There are many tips and tricks to reduce the loading time of your website. Here are the important ones. You need to optimize images, use lightweight themes, and update plugins regularly because newer versions contain smaller compressed packages. You might encounter an HTTP related problem. Please try to avoid using external HTTP requests.

You also need to optimize your content in the following way, you need to break large posts into smaller ones. You can distribute a wide range of content by splitting.  At the same time, you can also interpret it as multiple target pages. Also, add video links (embedded) to reduce loading speed.

Follow these Tricks

You can use these following steps to ensure a high-speed loading for your WordPress website.


SSD storage function can be a beneficial factor. You need to transfer the website to the SSD because it has a super-fast speed. Responsible for reducing delays. SSD storage is highly recommended for reducing loading speed.


CDN must be used, this will help you reload content more easily. It can also function generally based on the geographic location of your users.


Frequently update themes and plugins. As mentioned earlier, themes and plugins must be updated regularly. 

They can provide you with super performance and eliminate loading time. There are also auto-options for an update whenever they appear. 


Another vital point is that you need to monitor the loading speed of your website continuously. Reliable hosting services can also reduce the weight of your website without losing quality.


Therefore, reducing your website loading time is even more critical. In this article, we have tried to mention all the necessary factors. 

Use all the tips and tricks smartly and increase your workload every day. Always stay wise and handle all issues in a better way. 

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