Earthday Special: Professional High Quality Blogger Templates for free

Earth Day Special has introduced a  new beginning to blogging, in a mission to help fellow bloggers to get high traffic and earn money, we have started making highly optimized template to attract visitors to your blogs and earn money. Templates we make are high quality highly professional free blogger themes that are customized, stylized and optimized by us and you need not do more, and it is included with everything a blog needs.

Aerial Earth

Live Demo || Download

Mother Earth

Live Demo || Download

Drop your comments if you like the template. Don't worry if you stuck with a problem. We can give you a hand if you drop in your comments.

Instructions to Upload the Template:

  • Back Up your current Blogger template
  1. Go To Layout > Edit HTML
  2. Click the link that says “Download Full Template“.
  3. Then, choose a location in your hard drive to save it and remember the location for your reference.

I suggest you to make a separate folder in your harddrive for blogging and and then add a folder for saving templates while editing.

  • Upload Mother Earth or Aerial Earth Template
  1. After you have downloaded “Mother Earth" or "Aerial Earth" Template, you will then have to replace your current template with it.
  2. Go To Layout > Edit HTML.
  3. Select “ Browse” and “Upload” as shown below.
  4. Click the BROWSE button, then locate the “Mother Earth" or "Aerial Earth" template file (with an extension .XML) and then click the UPLOAD button.
  5. Then, click on “Confirm Save”.
  6. Now, click on "KEEP WIDGETS"  if you want the previous widgets in your new template else click on "DELETE WIDGETS"
  7. Finally, view your blog to see the new change! :>

Didn't like the Template?

We can understand your requirements and we will be glad to design a template exclusively for you, you can let us know your requirements by just commenting below. Any of our authors or designers will get in touch with you or reply to your comments when the your template is ready.


  1. Seeing how no one has answered, you could always do one in Word and then publish into print, PD F, or both without a template.

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