Driving the Future: Insights from the EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum 2024

In a bustling intersection of industry leaders and stakeholders, the EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum, orchestrated by Konnect Worldwide Business Media, served as a beacon illuminating the transformative potential of Connected Vehicles and Electric Vehicles (EVs) within India’s Automotive Industry. The event, a convergence of minds and ideas, scrutinized the trajectory of the automotive landscape in India, emphasizing the pivotal role of Smart Mobility Solutions in shaping its future.

Driving the Future: Insights from the EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum 2024 1

As India asserts its presence as the fifth-largest global car market, recent reports by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) underscore the nation’s latent capacity to ascend to the top echelons, potentially ranking among the top three in the foreseeable future. PwC’s insights elucidate the Indian Government’s concerted efforts towards embracing Electric Vehicles (EVs), manifesting through initiatives such as the Automotive PLI, FAME 2, and the ACC Batteries scheme, aimed at fostering a robust local EV manufacturing ecosystem.

The forum, a confluence of diverse stakeholders, echoed the sentiment of a burgeoning next phase of growth, underpinned by the proliferation of connected vehicles, autonomous driving, and shared mobility. With hundreds of leading entities including EV enterprises, OEMs & ODMs, auto companies, electronics & sensors manufacturers, and investors in attendance, the forum served as a nexus for exchanging insights and fostering collaborations to drive the smart vehicle ecosystem in India.

Anuj Sidharth, Deputy Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications at MediaTek India, articulated the transformative potential of technology in shaping the future of mobility. Sidharth accentuated MediaTek’s commitment to innovation, particularly through their MediaTek Dimensity Auto platform solutions, aimed at delivering flagship-grade technologies essential for the evolution of intelligent and always-connected vehicles, thereby revolutionizing user experiences.

Sanjay Gupta, Chairman of IESA and President & CEO of Spark Minda, underscored the pivotal role of AI and communication technologies, particularly 5G, in revolutionizing AI-Cabin and connected vehicles. Gupta envisaged a future where vehicles seamlessly integrate into our lives, enhancing safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Ramachandran S, Principal Consultant at Infosys Knowledge Institute, shed light on the burgeoning trend of micromobility and its imperative for sustainable urban transportation. Ramachandran emphasized the role of vehicle connectivity and digital technologies in ensuring the effective and safe deployment of micromobility solutions in cities.

The forum’s interactive sessions delved into pertinent topics such as AI & 5G for Connected Vehicles in India and Two-Wheeler EV Connected Mobility Megatrends. With senior leadership from prominent organizations like MediaTek, Continental Automotive, Spark Minda, Mahindra & Mahindra, Nissan, Visteon, Embitel, Yulu Connect, Green Tiger Mobility, and Evoride Motors, the discussions were rich in insights and foresight.

Aditya Ganjapure, Co-Founder & COO of Green Tiger Mobility, highlighted the indispensability of connected and smart mobility in addressing the evolving needs of a burgeoning population and economy. Ganjapure underscored the significance of integrated telematics systems in facilitating seamless transportation and data-driven decision-making.

Sunil David, a Digital Technology Consultant, emphasized the transformative potential of the convergence of AI and 5G in connected vehicles. David envisioned a future where mobility transcends boundaries, catering to individual needs in real-time, thereby ushering in a paradigm shift in the automotive landscape.

Rahul Sindhwani, CEO of Konnect Worldwide Business Media, reiterated the pivotal role of 5G and AI in revolutionizing the automotive industry in India. With Electric Mobility occupying a prime position in the government’s agenda, Sindhwani expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support garnered by the EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum, affirming the commitment to fostering industry collaborations and driving positive change.

In essence, the EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum 2024 served as a crucible for innovation and collaboration, illuminating a path towards a future where mobility is not merely a mode of transportation but an intelligent, connected, and inclusive ecosystem tailored to meet the evolving needs of society.

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