Dignose Your Car Health With CarMD – You Are The Doctor!

It sounds pretty unnatural but it is true that you can become a doctor for your car without any degree!. Most of us haven’t a clue as to the health of our cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans until something breaks. Even so, we have to trust professional mechanics to diagnose, fix for every issue and sometime we will be cheated and charged huge amount. Further, although a vehicle might be otherwise in good shape, there may be something just slightly off that impacts mileage or wear and tear on a particular part. If you’re a business professional, the vehicle you drive is part of your success. Whether you rely on rental cars for traveling or your company vehicle for meeting a client across town, you don’t have time for breakdowns.

The CarMD® Vehicle Health System™ is the solution for anyone who’s ever wished they could figure out what’s happening under the hood of their vehicles at any given time. CarMD is a handheld device (with software for your computer) that you can easily connect to your vehicle, use to perform a quick check of your car, and determine its overall health. You can also use CarMD to perform a detailed evaluation to track your vehicle’s health in-depth over the long term. A quick check indicates the general condition of a given vehicle; a green light means that it’s good to go, a yellow light indicates a potential issue, and a red light tells you that the vehicle needs attention. Quick checks are useful for a number of situations, such as checking your rental car before driving off the lot or making sure your vehicle is in shape to pass emissions tests.

For your own car or company vehicle, you can use CarMD’s overall checkup to check the status of a huge number of parts and components, from air bags to water pumps. In addition to finding out if a part is failing or making sure the vehicle is operating at optimal efficiency, CarMD helps you diagnose problems and determine a reasonable cost for repair. Currently this technology is used by professional mechanics as well as car repair camps in India but it is worth and really useful to have it individual car owners.

Car Checkup


How It Works?

The handheld CarMD device connects with the DLC (Data Link Connector) that resides under the dashboard of all vehicles manufactured since 1996. When you connect the device to a PC you can use the CarMD software to check that data against CarMD’s online database for diagnostic help, projected repair costs, and more.

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