Dependence of Goal Conversion Rate on Effective Landing Page

Every business aims to generate maximum ROI so as to reduce the operation cost and achieve profitable goal. More often than not, people think that by merely developing an attractive website, their job is done, while the truth is far from it. In order to achieve good conversion rate, you need to have good volume of relevant traffic driven to your website, and quality traffic gets attracted to your website only when you provide them what they are looking for. Moreover, the user must find it very convenient and simple to access your web page. If users dig up what they were looking for, they will surely stay longer on the site and may even go ahead and make a purchase.

When it comes to a website, the landing page is one of its most crucial aspects. In fact, visitor retention and conversion depends a lot on the landing page. Despite this, many website administrators ignore the importance of having an effective landing page. What they do not realize is that by ignoring the landing page they are losing out an efficient and effective way of achieving a good and desirable conversion rate.

A landing page is the page that is displayed to the user as a result of either searching or clicking on a link. It could even be a link in a direct mail. From the website owner's side, a landing page is an effective tool that helps in driving relevant and quality traffic to the site. It is extremely important also to optimize the landing page, creating conversion paths with an attractive and simple design incorporated with a clear call for action message. By ensuring this, you have all this done in a right manner; you can easily turn your website traffic into conversions.

In order to optimize a landing page effectively, it is important to have a well planned strategy so that you can pay attention to all the aspects. To begin with, you need to define your objectives beforehand along with a clear planning. Before creating a landing page, or rather, before you begin with the development of your website, you should clearly define your objectives. You need to decide on your conversion variable, that is, whether it is going to be a sale, a newsletter submission, or a comment for your blog etc. it is important to be very specific about this as it proves to be beneficial in the long run.

How to optimize the landing page to increase the conversion rate?

You must keep in mind that every website is different and has some specific requirements of its own. There are different types of websites out there. What sets all these apart from each other is whether the information is interactive, and the content is incredible? Hence, it is crucial and of utmost importance to every website owner to make good efforts and pay attention to providing the ultimate dynamic experience to the users which they actually come looking for.

Most of the well established businesses prove space for comments in their sites. This includes having literal comments at the bottom of articles or having a separate section for comments. Contact information can also be included to let users get in touch with the website administrators. Many websites also have forums included where users can interact. One of the advantages of having a forum is that people willingly put efforts and their time to create content. It helps a website to gain better search engine ranking.

To ensure better optimization of the landing page, you need to start a conversation. A blog proves to be an effective way of increasing the conversion as it depends on the number of followers. The more followers a blog has, the better are the chances to obtain a good conversion rate. You should do some research and read what other people are writing. You can take inspiration from different blogs and then start commenting on different stories. Remember, do not be hostile. Just show that you are genuinely interested in starting a conversation. The right approach is to introduce you well to others. If you build and maintain friendly relations with someone who has thousands of online followers, then that will be immensely beneficial for your business. It will help you to break into different social circles. Eventually it will drive more traffic to your site and will enhance your conversion rate.

You can also make use of some other alternatives or offerings to make people respond to your site. Although it is not considered appropriate by some but if you ensure that you do not use anything that is overtly controversial, it is fine. One of the good techniques that are used and you too can use is- using sentences that help to grab attention.

In order to make your landing page effective, you also need to add a bit of personality to the site. You should always have the right content to offer as it is a great way to promote the conversation. You should use personal, communicative and simple language on your website. In case you have a website that is designed for interaction but not for speaking, then you should keep the language human, even with the error codes. Instead of proving the typical and impersonal 404 error, you can use something simple that conveys the message in a lighter tone. This way, you can really encourage your visitors to show interest in your website and what you have to offer. This also leads to people actually reporting their 404s through the comments section.

You should also ensure that you have the right channel and the proper media (it includes images, videos etc). You should use them effectively and in a proper order to achieve your goal efficiently. Your goal should be to get the conversion you need in one single page with one shot. Utilize this one shot effectively in your landing page. You should place your message in the middle of the page and highlight your value and communicating a call for action. Always use attractive images, an effective copy and you will realize that traffic you receive will turn effectively into conversions.

Design all your pages as landing pages. It is extremely important to follow the strategy plan while designing every single page. At the same time, ensure that you follow and give proper attention to your primary objectives. Give chance to users to do the right thing in the right way. Experimenting can also enhance your landing page's effectiveness. It pays well if you try to use different variations in your messages. You should also change details in headlines and try different buttons, colors, and shapes. However, while doing all this, make sure that your page does not stray away from a logical flow from the top to the end.

By working in the right manner as discussed above, you can effectively optimize your landing page and generate more conversions for your business. Always work with a well planned strategy and make the best use of the information provided above to reap maximum benefits for your website.


  1. The suggestion for adding comment on your site for your visitors sounds quite good. Most above great tips worth a try.

  2. Goals are always required to reach to the end.. However better landing pages and optimization of those pages can very well help..

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