How to Make Sure Being Away from Your Computer Doesn’t Rain on Your Parade

Being away from your desk (and subsequently, your computer) can be inconvenient, and at times even disastrous. Face it, you’ve been there: you’re scheduled to give your presentation in front of the entire office in ten minutes and you reach in your bag only to realize that you’ve forgotten the disc with your slideshow written onto it, or the flash drive with the necessary documents for your presentation on it.

Having left your laptop at home, you’re left with nothing but a few note cards thrown together to give your presentation and as a result, you end up feeling rushed and unprepared.

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At Least Look Prepared

While this situation is unfortunate (and often embarrassing) in the past it was almost unavoidable. With new and exciting technology created to simplify our everyday lives, it’s now one-hundred percent preventable with the easy accessibility of online information storage. With the advent of the ‘cloud’, it’s now possible to place all of your information digitally never be without important slideshows and documents relevant to your professional life or those few hundred pictures you took with your family on that last vacation.

Think about it – no longer will it be necessary to rustle through papers in the middle of an otherwise quiet meeting. Gone will be the days of pamphlets on paper that can easily fly away in the wind on your commute to work in the morning, and the necessity of always carrying around a heavy laptop will be a thing of the past. You’ll find the need for easily misplaced flash drives and equally breakable discs diminishing, and the ownership of these items will seem trivial. Additionally, it will alleviate the worry of misplacing these items in unknown locations and thereby allowing anyone who finds the files access the often sensitive information.

Save Money

In almost every instance, online storage sites offer access to your information twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The need for costly printed copies of seventy-page project outlines is eliminated when the document can simply be loaded into your cloud, and pamphlets no longer need to be printed when the PDF can simply be uploaded and accessed at any time. Cloud storage offers not only ease of access for this information, it offers something quite possibly even more important: security for your valuable files when you need it most.

Placing information in the cloud is not only the easiest, but also the most secure way to keep track of your documents, photos, spreadsheets and slideshows. Almost all sites that offer online file storage offer the option of password-protecting any folder you want with a password of your choosing. In some cases the security is multi-layered, requiring often times a password and some sort of security question in order to gain access to any files located inside. These types of storage sites that offer storage place guarantees on the security of your information because they understand how valuable it is to you and your business.

How to Make Sure Being Away from Your Computer Doesn’t Rain on Your Parade 1
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