Common SEO Errors to Avoid for Ecommerce Sites

Committing SEO errors on ecommerce websites can cost the businesses financially. This is one of the main driving forces to make sure that the SEO campaign is along the right line. When compared to the content based websites or blogs, the ecommerce websites are more difficult to organize if the products you are selling are there in several websites. It has also been observed that online businesses often think that by simply listing their products on the website is adequate for search engine optimization. But creating a cumbersome database is not really enough. The difficult part is that it takes more effort to optimize an ecommerce website. In order to reach out to the potential customers, it is essential that such common SEO errors are avoided where ecommerce websites are concerned.

SEO for ecommerce

Here’s a list of some of the common mistakes that are committed as far as SEO strategy is concerned:

Lacking in product descriptions

This is one of those errors that are made by the online gift or apparel stores. A lack of product description affects the SEO campaign adversely and the website loses the chance of acquiring a place in the top 10 search results. To be on the safe side it is important to include a description for the products. This will help the pages of not losing their chances. The more unique is your content the better would be your chances for the SEO campaign. In this regard it will help to keep certain points in mind, like, only quality content should be provided to guide the customers’ purchase decisions. Duplicate content is completely discouraged. Finally, too much content might hurt the website too.

Not optimizing the product pages as per searches

It is essential to consider the keywords that are in demand while people search for particular products on the Internet. So while writing the title pages, headlines and product descriptions it is important to use these popular keywords to ensure that the online business is promoting a product that people are actually looking for. This usually happens when there are various goods in a single store.

In this regard it is important to use model numbers and brand names for the H1 headings and title tags. Secondly, it is also important to not report the keyword phrases through the page. Otherwise the page will be stuffed with keywords. Thirdly, the iframes should never be used for putting up content. It is vital that the content is actually present on the product pages.

Duplicate title tags

This is another enormous error that affects the SEO for ecommerce websites negatively. The duplicated title tags must be replaced with unique ones. This is one of the fundamental requirements of SEO. Of course it is difficult to create exclusive title tags when an ecommerce shop is selling various kinds of items from a single brand. The keywords, thus, will be repeated. Even the search engines are aware of this fact. This is the reason why it is important to form unique key phrases.

Absence of speaking URLs

The speaking URLs play a major role in semantics, anchor links and relevancy. The semantics help the customers to inform them what to expect when they are clicking on a URL. The anchor link and the keyword can help in getting the traffic back to the main website. Finally, it is the relevant keywords that act as huge driver for the domain names.

Presence of duplicate content

This is one error which the ecommerce businesses cannot afford to commit. Google is very particular about the website content and does not shy away from heavily penalizing websites where it finds duplicate content. Hence, the need to keep updating the content and checking it to find whether there are any cases of duplication.

Google is a search engine that pays special attention to its users and their experience. Therefore, it is important for the ecommerce websites to create convenient online stores and ensure quality services for the consumers. The more and more people spend their time on a particular website; it sends an indication to Google that the users are being diverted to the right place.


Author Bio: Charles Wilson is an experienced SEO professional and has a particular interest for SEO for ecommerce website. In this article he specifies some common mistakes that can negatively affect an ecommerce website.

Common SEO Errors to Avoid for Ecommerce Sites 1
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