Check How your Website looks In Mobile Browser Using Google Mobilizer

mobile web browserDid you ever wonder how your page looks for users opening your web page in their phone? Wonder no-more, just use Google Mobile Viewer to check how your web page look when someone opens in their phone. Please note that this is not a mobilizer which converts web page for mobile viewing. This is just a tool which lets you see how you page looks when opened in a mobile. The mobile user will see in this format only the user came via Google search, but when the user directly open you page by entering the URL. They will see your page with all formatting.

To check how your website look in mobile browser, go to Google Mobile Viewer.

Step 1:

Enter the URL and then click on GO, check the "Hide Images" option if you prefer to view the page in raw text format.
Google mobile site viewerResult:
This is how looks in a mobile browser with "Hide Images" checked. Unfortunately the page view with images are not working for now while I'm writing, I'll surely update this when it is back and running.

Google mobile site viewer text only

[ Link : Google Mobile Viewer ]


  1. I've been looking for a way to be able to see how all the cross formats show a given web page for each one. Unfortunately I can't find one and dont intend to buy several devices just for that purpose. At least on a computer you can just use several browsers and do the same job.

  2. This is a pretty cool feature. I've been trying to use a mobile emulator from .mobi, the "official mobile domain," and they give me bogus results on a mobile webpage that even W3C validates as mobile-friendly! But with this tool, by google, I know that my pages finally look as I want them to in mobile devices.

  3. The mobile web has started to get really popular and I can only see this growing, a lot of the big online brands seem kind of slow to move to the mobile web so I think there is a chance for us smaller guys to take advantage

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