Can Playing Video Games Affect Testosterone Levels?

It wasn’t too long ago that researchers made the statement that watching TV “kills brain cells.” While this is arguably the harshest way to put it, you should know that consistent TV watching (over three hours a day) isn’t great for your mental or physical health. After so many binged episodes on Netflix, you probably know firsthand consuming another episode isn’t always the answer to your problems. 

However, you’re still just a person who loves engaging with something virtual from time to time. So, maybe you swap it out for playing video games on your PlayStation, phone, Nintendo Switch, Xbox console, or PC whenever you get the chance. Since the addition of gaming has been figured into your life, you’ve realized you also love gaming just as much as if not more than watching TV. Now, you want to know how this hobby may affect the various parts of your life, including your testosterone levels. Keep reading to learn more about if playing video games can affect testosterone levels and the other areas of your life as well.

When there’s competition, things change. 

Playing Video Games Affect Testosterone

A study from Science Direct sheds some interesting insight on the hormonal levels of gamers. In this study, 14 men had their testosterone and cortisol levels checked before their games. They played games that promoted competition between the males. The surprising takeaway: The subjects who contributed the most to their groups’ success showed an increase in testosterone after the competition. 

However, when the group-to-group play was removed from the study and it became one-on-one, the subjects’ levels didn’t change. With this in mind, a good group victory might just increase your testosterone for a bit. Be sure to hit every victory by checking out HotSpawn to get the bestĀ gaming controllerĀ for your needs. All of these top picks for 2022 have specific controls, grips, colors, and comfort levels. This way, you can approach each group gaming session with confidence.

Enhance your testosterone levels.

Playing Video Games Affect Testosterone

Maybe you don’t really care if video games affect your levels. If you fall into this category of a carefree gamer, don’t worry. You’re certainly seen! After all, it seems like everything these days has some sort of consequence that research can’t exactly pinpoint. Instead of sitting around weighing out how gaming may affect your testosterone, you may just want to try testosterone supplements.

These particular supplements use natural ingredients like fenugreek, vitamin D, vitamin K2, zinc, magnesium, and other herb compounds to create a mixture that may improve your sexual function, libido, sexual performance, and muscle retainment. As with any supplement, you need to check with your physician before ingesting. Once they give you the go-ahead, you can try out the supplements and maintain playing your favorite games, too.

Look at the fine details.

Games Affect Testosterone

While one study shows that winning a group competition may increase testosterone, others report that gamers have lower sex drives. This is supposedly due to the levels of stress and reward chemicals that go on while gaming. A significant amount of mental and physical focus goes into gaming, so after a session, you might be wiped out, not rejuvenated. 

Another significant feature that’s well known for its ability to affect testosterone levels is a person’s general activity levels. Since gaming is usually a sedentary activity, it’s not exactly conducive to improving your sex drive. On the other hand, frequent and regular exercise is shown to enhance testosterone levels. With this evidence in mind, it’s important to prioritize starting a regular exercise habit that’s at least equal to your time spent gaming. In turn, you’ll ensure you’re helping out your testosterone levels naturally.

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