Proven Ways to Create Engaging Facebook Posts for Social Media Marketing

Who does not want to create an engaging Facebook post?

If you are running a business, it is a must for you to create an engaging post because it is the only way you can grab the attention of your audience.

But is it easy to create an engaging post?

The answer is β€œYes”. However, you need to follow some rules to create engaging posts. You can follow popular Facebook pages to know their strategies. Here are some easy ways to create engaging Facebook posts for social media marketing.

Number 1: Use engaging video, image and content

Try to use rich media like photographs, videos, animations and get more attention of your fans. Help your post stand out in News Feed

You can also post lifestyle images. Have a go at sharing pictures of your products or even photographs of your customers.

Try to keep your posts short and simple between 100 to 250 characters. It will help you get more engaged.

Engaging Facebook Posts social markting

Number 2: Offer promotions and discounts

It really works!

Simply offer your customers special deals. Do not forget to include a call to action with to the most relevant webpage on your site.

To enhance engagement with your promotions, simply post a clear message, redemption details and call to action. That’s it!

social marketing Engaging Facebook Posts

Number 3: Be Positive

Individuals respond to share more when the post is about something positive. Nobody loves a negative post!

The things that get the most shares on Facebook have a tendency to be those things that are actually inspirational, positive, and interesting. Individuals may concur with your negative notions – however, they will keep down the likes, comments as well as shares on the grounds that they would prefer not to be seen as negative.

Engaging Facebook marketing ideas

I’ve actually fallen into the negative trap a couple times. What’s more, while the negative post may express your sentiments right now, it makes you look like a rascal over the long haul.

Number 4: Post on Time

Your friends and fans will probably like to know more the latest events, topic, or trends. Don’t post anything that happened several years ago! That will make your fans confused. Timeliness is also very important when answering the questions of your customers on your posts. The speedier you answer, the more probable fans will connect with you later on.

Engaging Facebook Posts

You compete with countless posts in the Facebook News Feeds for your fans. On the off chance that you post your updates when a couple of others are posting, your overhauls stand a superior chance of enduring. You can see the Facebook fan pages of a Creative SEO Agency that working in Orange County, CA. You will notice that they always create unique Facebook leads and post them on time.

#Number 5: Schedule your posts

To better deal with your time, you can plan your posts in advance. You can also plan for upcoming events or holidays.

You can easily plan your post. Just simply tap the clock symbol on the lower left-hand corner of the sharing tool for your page.

social media facebook marketing ideas

Schedule your posts when the greater part of your fans are on the web.

You can figure out when your fans are online by going to your Page Insights and setting off to the posts tab

After you have scheduled your post, you can easily manage it by using Activity Log.

Hopefully, these best practices to create engaging Facebook posts have given you a few ideas on what to test with your social media marketing strategy. Do you get more engagement when you share a link or a photograph? What is your ideal Facebook post character count? Can you get more likes, share and comments by posting during the evening and on the weekends? Feel free to share in the comments!

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Navid Tayebi is the founder of Creative Over, an industry leading digital marketing agency located in Orange County. For professional digital marketing solutions, follow Creative Over on Twitter, Google + and Facebook.


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