How you can Benefit from Proper Email Management

Are you one of those people who just can’t wait to get to your business email inbox in the morning? Do you enjoy checking and using your email? If so then you are lucky, the majority of people don’t enjoy it at all, especially when their working lives seem to be dominated by it.

benefits of email management

For many of us email is a major distraction that really kills our productivity. It grounds our energy and creates a general feeling of frustration. For some people it can be a cause of anxiety and depression. However email is an essential part of every business, and for many email is their lifeblood, so really it should be a way of increasing productivity rather than diminishing it.

One of the problems with email is that there is so much of it. There is so much that we can’t really decide what to do with it. Which emails should be dealt with straight away, which ones can be left to later, and which ones should be deleted?  And what would happen if we deleted an email that should have been saved? Not only the individual but also the business could be in trouble. Email management is far too important and difficult to be left to individuals.

Today many organizations are turning to third party service suppliers to deal with their business email.  For instance Mimecast is a SaaS business that specialises in cloud solutions for email management, and although there are many other solutions, here we will look at what can be achieved by adopting theirs.

The Mimecast Unified Email Management system combines tools that provide email security, email continuity, email archiving and email compliance. The service is cloud based and highly integrated. One of its important benefits is that it is easy to administer from a central console that is web based.

The system is able to keep email management simple. It achieves this by removing the requirement to manage several disparate third party systems and replaces these with one single high performance platform.

Mimecast provides two alternative solutions. These are the UEM Express, which provides email security and continuity, and UEM Enterprise which includes an email archive. Both integrate security and continuity along with data loss prevention even during outages.

The cloud based archive stores all internal and external email in a secure archive. The end result is reduced storage costs and a reduced server load. This also means that employees are able to access email in the archive in real time without any help from IT, including through mobile devices, thus improving employee productivity. Another productivity improvement is that employees no longer need to make retention and deletion decisions nor do they need to hoard emails.

The cost model for the Mimecast Unified Email Management system is based on the number of employees, which makes budget planning simple.

If you really hate email, then any management system is unlikely to make you love it, but it will certainly improve your productivity and reduce your stress levels.

How you can Benefit from Proper Email Management 1
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