How to Boost Mobile App Downloads by Video Presentation?

Everywhere you go people are checking their mobile phones without paying attention to what is going on around them. Chatting, posting or photo taking, it all happens via an app. Did you ever wonder why some apps get millions of downloads, while some are left anonymous on the virtual shelf?

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You would tent to answer – because there are popular products, and then other less attractive. Now, the question goes even further – Why do some apps attract people from the first seconds and others don’t?
The truth is that the success of an app relies on its features, but depends on its image. The first impression does matter. So besides investing in the developing process, companies must also struggle to create a flawless presentation for the app store. If you ever asked yourself why a product is not successful despite the money spent to develop it, take a look at the following guideline. It includes the essential aspects to be taken into consideration when putting together a video app presentation.


Short Videos That Attract Users

In the technology era, reading is underrated and app lovers don’t really have the patience to scan a product description. On the other side, videos are extremely well received. They are in fashion in every possible domain out there. So don’t be reluctant to this idea and create a demo presentation containing info the aspects mentioned below.


How Should People Use the App?

Boost Mobile App Downloads

The very next question is how can you teach users? The answer is by offering the thing when they are in needs. The above stats will be helpful in defining the usage time of the particular type of apps.
The way to do is, create a visual context relevant for the product, showing how to best take advantage of the app’s features. Rely on images, instead of spoken text, because these ones get through the audience more effectively and they stick into their memory. Present basic features that any smart phone owner could exercise without having to install special programs or to achieve particular IT skills.

How Would the App Change the Users’ Life Style?

Emphasize the essential life aspects the product can improve for users; for instance, teenagers want to chat a lot while paying very little or even nothing. Therefore, in the demo, employ the images of some young people happy that the new app has no chatting boundaries and that they cannot be stopped from talking.
This tip works on the following principle: you either focus on the main problem solved by the app, or you rely on the emotional side of the presentation. The decision really depends on the target audience. Therefore, creating an app for teenagers would involve aiming for their emotions. On the other hand, when drafting a demo video for health care apps, bet on its problem solving capacity.

How Does the App Actually Work?

People need to know how and in what context to use the app, in order to better take advantage of all its features. There have been enough great apps in the store that weren’t successful, because users didn’t seem to find out how to apply those features into their daily life. As a consequence, the best idea is to show immediate benefits of that particular product, coming out of simple and ordinary social contexts.

Clarify Essential Issues in the Video

Does your app need internet connection in order to function? Do users have to attach a credit card account to it? Do they need to sign up for anything? The point is that after watching the video presentations, users should be left with no questions regarding the app and its features. Otherwise, they will just move on to the next related app in the store, one that has everything cleared up.

Showcase Your UX

Never forget to also showcase the UX you have worked so hard at. It is true, ordinary users won’t see the hard programming behind those beautiful lines and images. But still, emphasizing the tech side of the product may help in other ways. For example, you can attract potential clients who may ask for mobile developing services.

What is the Perfect Video Length?

Here is where the problems begin – developers must cover all the aspects listed above into a really short video. Why? The answer is simple – because people’s attention span in very low in this tech era. For instance, according to a new Microsoft Corp. study, the average attention span in 2015 has been of 8.25 seconds. This means that after this interval, people lose concentration. However, when it comes to video watching, the average concentration time is 2.7 minutes. Anyway, when picking apps, users spend less than one minute per product, so your demo video should not be longer than that.

Case Study

Enough with the theories, let’s now see an actual example of an effective demo video. We have browsed the app store and chose this app – iConnect.
The presentations starts by briefly saying what exactly is iConnect and what it does for users. From the first 13 seconds, we find out that the app can be used for messages, calls and video calls. What is more, the voice pronounces three key words: “completely free” and “unlimited”. Thus, the positive effect on the audience is already guaranteed.
Then, the developers start answering users’ potential questions by mentioning that the app does not work with the network’ minutes, but with internet connection. The product supports multiple call participants and file transfers. Additionally, people can talk with anyone around the globe who has installed the app.
The video contains bright colors that attract main audience – your people who just love to chat. Then, the length is ideal – less than one minute in which potential users find out everything they need in order to use the app.

About the guest author:

Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits, a one-stop iOS app development company and the home of app enthusiasts. Shahid likes to keep busy with his team, and to provide top-notch mobility solutions for enterprises and startups.

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