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LSAT Free Practice TestLSAT is an exam that is widely taken by most of the law schools. Also known as the Law School Admission Test, it is an entrance exam, which is required to be given while looking for admission in nearly all law schools. The paper consists of a number of multi-choice paper-pencil questions that is administered by the Council of Law School Admission.

On the basis of the LSAT score, the law schools decide whether to provide one with admission or not. Along with the scorecard, other elements considered for admission include law school application, Credential Assembly Service application, the GPA, letters of recommendation, personal statement of the applier, etc. There are some law schools where the LSAT score is equally important as GPA under graduation score. Hence, it can be said that the more you score on the LSAT Free Practice Test, the more options you would be provided with for becoming a part of the law school. There are also some law schools that accept the GRE Scorings along with the LSAT scores.

LSAT is an entrance test that is carried out by the Law Schools to find the eligible candidates for the studies of Law. The exam is mostly carried out in the months of December, February, June, September, or October. This is a globally accepted entrance test where no eligibility criteria are decided by the official body of LSAT.

For entering the exam, an individual requires clearing two forms for identification that includes:

  • An ID card issued by the Government.
  • Printout of the admission ticket, which also comes with the picture of the applicant that is uploaded with the LSAC account.

The identification documents submitted by the applicant should be with current status as the expired ones would surely be rejected. The documents include:

  • The first name as mentioned in the LSAT registration.
  • The last name as mentioned in the LSAT registration.
  • The birth dates.
  • The recent picture that is recognizable.

Along with all these, the candidates also have to confirm their proper first and last names as listed on the ID card issued by the government that is matching with the one in the LSAT admission ticket. The list of accepted ID cards by the government includes passport, driving license, ID card issued by the State or the Province, ID card issued by the military of US, Green Card of US, Canadian Permanent Resident Card, National ID Card, Consular ID card, health care benefit cards issued by the Canadian Government.

The LSAT tests are conducted nearly 7 times in a year. However, make sure you prepare for the exam in earlier months so that you can score well and you would also be able to meet the deadline for the law school application. Confirm yourself with each policy that is required for the exam according to the law program’s admission. The students applying for the test should also keep in mind that the law schools accept individuals according to their rolling basis, and hence, it is important to make an early move for the examinations.

LSAT test format

The LSAT exam is a 35-minute test, in which the candidates need to answer 5 sections of questions. The questions come with a format of multiple-choice questions. The candidates need to attempt a total number of 4 sections of the paper to score, which includes:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Variable Section

Among all these, the variable section is mostly taken by LSAT in the pretest question paper. Hence, the total time period for the examination comes to 3.5 hours, in which the students need to score between 120 to 180 which is considered to be an ideal score.

LSAT test syllabus

LSAT is an examination that looks after the skills of the candidates and makes sure they match according to the essential ones which are required by the law school. The law school comes with priority grounds to the syllabus that includes that are comprehensive and readable for making the test more complex. The test looks after insight and accuracy, management and organization of the information, and the ability to draw reasonable inferences, thinking ability on basis of critic situation, evaluation, and analysis of arguments and reasoning of others.

The comprehensive reading helps in measuring the ability of the candidate in reading, understanding the concepts and the insights, learning the complex and lengthy evaluation of arguments and reasoning of others. Similarly, the analytical reasoning helps in measuring the ability to understand the relationship structure and drawing the logical conclusions for the structure. While the logical reasoning part will help in assessing the ability to analyze, evaluating critically and working on the arguments completely as they appear in the ordinary language.

How to apply for LSAT test?

The candidates who wish to apply for the LSAT test can do so in two different ways which include through online mode or by making a phone call. The online mode requires registration by creating an account with by the link to create an account. The candidate needs to fill each and every detail demanded by the form and submit it after checking it once before submission.

When it comes to the scoring of the LSAT exam, it is generally counted on the number of questions that are answered correctly. There is the concept of negative marking connected with the question paper however each question set comes with different weighting sections. The raw scores obtained are then converted to the LSAT scale in which minimum scoring is aimed to be 120, while the maximum score is 180. The scoring is based on a process, known as equating, which is based on the statistical concept.

When it comes to the scoring card, it contains important elements that include the scores of LSAT, the results of every test till 12, average score, score band of the candidate, and the percentile mark obtained by the candidate. With utmost popularity, the LSAT test has been opted widely for a better career.

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