Be The Change You Want To See – Call For Code 2020

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    Be The Change You Want To See – Call For Code 2020 7
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    With birth of Internet the way we think and solve our day to day issues has completely changed. We shop almost everything just in few clicks; we go ahead and get instant medical support by Doctors located far from us via Video Call or Chat. We love to browse solutions of our small issues on internet. We just love the world of internet, apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s these revolutionary ideas that have given birth to the digital age that’s changing societies across the globe forever.

    The Call for Code Global Initiative, founded by IBM and David Clark Cause, is an annual challenge inciting technologists to use cutting-edge technologies to deal with natural disasters. Now in its second year, it asks for STEM-minded people around the world to participate in driving solutions to problems associated with natural disasters.

    With aim to create radical technologies to solve some of the world hardest problems, Call for Code extend invites to all coders to come forward and join the Hackathon to “work on projects around Natural Disaster Preparedness and Relief during wildfires with a focus on community health and well-being.”

    “In 2018 more than 100,000 people across the globe participated in the Call For Code challenge, with Project Owl winning the Call For Code Global Award for creating an offline emergency communication system. But even those who don’t walk away with the grand prize have the potential to illicit change”.

    2017, The Year of Natural Disaster, from deadly earthquakes and record –breaking floods in California and few other parts of United States. A report suggested that the United States alone experienced 15 separate natural disasters that each cost at least $1 billion in damages.

    In what seems like a constant string of natural disasters, information and the dissemination of information are key. Rapid technological advancements in a number of fields mean both emergency response crews and survivors are better equipped at tackling the immediate challenges faced during a natural disaster.

    Use of social media, drones, satellite imagery through GIS, real-time disaster modelling, and widespread connectedness means more efficient and necessary information flow. Immediate information on the most damaged areas of a city or locations of where people remain stranded saves lives. Real-time data allows emergency management to develop more targeted response plans, a technological leap from search and rescue strategies decades ago.

    In the words of Omkar Nimbalkar, Vice President, Client & Partner Developer Advocacy, IBM Cognitive Application, IBM is  hoping for solutions that not only inform people with real-time event updates impacting their region, but ones that help save lives ahead of and in the aftermath of disasters. Artificial intelligence, AI-powered chatbots and natural language processing (NLP) could be used to improve real time communications between first responders, victims, relief agencies and more.

    Be The Change You Want To See – Call For Code 2020 1

    So if you are someone who wish to come forward and bring the change that you wish to see ; Here are steps to follow :-

    • JOIN THE CALL FOR CODE 2019 COMMUNITY – Get an IBM Cloud account, learn about the competition scope, prizes, rules, and schedule. Click Here To Continue
    • BUILD WITH CODE PATTERNS AND RESOURCES – Use Code Patterns in six tech areas, six disaster areas, and health and mark your presence.
    • ENGAGE WITH EXPERTS AND BUILD YOUR TEAM – Introduce yourself , meet experts , do necessary research on your idea and keep an eye on updates.
    • SUBMIT YOUR SOLUTIONS – Submit Your Code with proper demo.  Don’t forget to accept the participation agreement.

    Call for Code Prizes in 2019

    • A Global Award at Call To Code Award Event
    • A  cash prize of USD $2,00,000
    • Project Support from Linux Foundation
    • Meeting with Mentors and Potential Investors
    • Solutions Implementation through Code & Responses
    Be The Change You Want To See – Call For Code 2020 2

    “Put Your Hand On The Code And Explore The Technologies That Can Change The World”.

    For More Information, Visit:


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